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Saturday, March 21, 2009

We're back!

I bet you all have been wondering where I've been. I'm so glad that I've been so missed!! We got back from our trip to Disney Land this evening. We made it safe and sound and only had the threaten the boys a dozen {or two} times that we would strap them to the top of car if they didn't stop torturing each other. I'll fill you all in after I down load my pictures, find my tooth brush, and put the bungee cords away....{hey, I don't make empty threats}


Whitney said...

Haha! Can't wait to see your pictures! What a fun trip!

The Scott Family said...

You're too funny! Can't wait for the pics!

Amy said...

Hopw you had a good time.

Melissa said...

You should have told us that you were coming to CA. We would have driven down to see you!

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