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Monday, April 20, 2009

A quiet Sunday Afternoon

So we were enjoying a quiet Sunday afternoon together as a family. The boys wen't out to swing for a little bit before dinner. All of a sudden I hear screaming. And screaming, and screaming... and more screaming. So it was time to go and check it out. There was a HUGE killer bee that flew into the house. Yes INTO the house. So now we have this HUGE {are you getting the picture of how big it is} flying around the house. The kids are screaming, the dog is barking and we are all dodging the HUGE bee. It flys up to one our windows and is buzzing around trying to get out of a closed window.

So now picture the husband on a step ladder trying to vacuum up the bee that was on the window sill that is to high for anyone to reach. {That was my idea} All of us are still screaming and trying to tell the husband which way the bee went. In the end it flew to a higher window and buzzed around before getting tired and quit. The husband said it was dead but I dreamed about it last night, and come to find out it was still alive, I saw it flying around a different window this morning.

...And now for my hilarious children....
Tommy has been really funny lately and here are some of the conversations we've had and the things that he has said....

me: Tommy, what are you eating?
T: mom... the chocolate just walked into my mouth!

T: Mom, there is darkness in my heart.
Me: Really?! why?
T: There is darkness in my heart so I can kill the bad guys

Me: Tommy you are a mess!
T: I'm just decorating with my dinner.

T: I have to wear the bucket on my head.
Me: Why?
T: So I can put stuff under it.
{I love his reasoning for everything}

And here is one from James {his prayer last night}.... I guess he is listening in Primary...
J: Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for this day, and that we could go to church. Please help us not to drink alcohol, and to keep our bodies healthy. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

I hope all of you are keeping your bodies healthy too.


laurdacooj said...

ha ha ha!!! amen to James!

Whitney said...

Why yes I DO love this post. Hee hee, I even ran and told the King about it!

Personal favorite is his heart of darkness! hee hee hee

Emily said...

There is no drama like bug drama! You think it's bad with boys, you should see the girls!! Love all of your quotes!

Camie said...

Love the quotes! You should keep a quote bored in your house so you can jot down all the cute little things thay say. Too funny

Becky said...

Fabulous idea about the vacuum! I will remember that one! LOL!

Amy said...

Hi Leah,
I am Amy. I am your swap friend for Mamarazzi. If you are still doing the swap we get to swap. Head on over to my blog and check it out. I will e-mail you later. Have a great day.

Melissa said...

Chocolate walks into my mouth all the time!

The Scott Family said...

Vacuuming the bee is a great idea! And I understand about that chocolate just walking into his mouth-happens to me all the time!

Emily said...

That is soo funny!

I love talking to funny kids. I am pretty sure I could talk to your kids ALL DAY LONG!!

So cute!

Stuart and Heather said...

Too Too Funny!

KelliSue Kolz said...

James did listen in Primary! I bet he's a hoot to teach.


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