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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Children's Museum

I took the boys to The Children's Museum, it was so fun! I haven't been to ALL the children's museums, but I have been to many. This was the best one so far!! It was clean {which is really big plus!} well organized and really interesting to the boys. Even with all the fun things don't you love that you bring you kids places and then they want to play with the most common toy.... The toy that you just got rid because nobody played with it...

It was kinda busy so going outside was a nice change. James was really involved in looking at everything through the magnifying glass. The museum had a little garden so we were able to see lots of things growing.

Here is Tommy planting some wood chips... hoping to grow a tree. {I think we need to go back to basics on how we get plant....}

Tim is learning to perfect this look. Aunt Michelle is almost willing to give him what ever he wants with this look.

Tommy is loving using the real tools. He loved sawing and screwing in things.... but alas, we lost James and had to go find him.

Here is a classic James picture... I'm not sure how I always end up getting his bug-eyed look. Maybe he is over whelmed by all the excitement, or maybe....

it's the fact that he got to play hockey. His hand eye coordination is getting better {ie:he didn't hit anyone} ... maybe he'll play hockey.. oh wait, we are going to be in Florida...

Ok, hands off girls, Tim has already found his queen....
James decided that he wants to be a hockey player or a mail man. I was told many times by Tommy that he was NOT calling China on the play pay phone. {at least he listens}. I thought we did pretty well. I only lost James once and Tim twice. The boys only ended up a little wet {waist on up} from the water area, and they all got to play pirates.
If anyone is in the Raleigh, North Carolina area you should definitely go to the children's museum.


Durante said...

That looks SO FUN, I personally love the chess set the most, I told my wife the other day that I want a huge chess set like that.

Love the ice skating pic, I want to get my children into that but it seems the only ice skating rink in Tucson is closed.

Melissa said...

I love childrens musuems - so fun! We had a great one in San Jose, but none in Central Ca, we miss it!

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