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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sunny day = Beach

Once there was a beautiful day, so we packed up 3 adults, 3 teenagers, and 3 kids, and went to the east coast to enjoy the sun and surf. first we had to endure a 3.5 hour drive to get there. {I am so looking forward to being 3 miles from the beach!!}

The water was really warm!!! so at once we were all in the water. Tommy on the other hand found an "X" in the sand so he wanted to dig for buried treasure first. With a little convincing and the promise that he wouldn't have to get his head wet {remember when we were in California in March?} So since I mentioned California.... Yes, we have been from Sea to shining Sea this year... Coast to coast.... touched the Pacific and the Atlantic... Ok think it's kinda cool, and thought I would indulge. Anyway, with a little convincing Tommy I was able to get Tommy in the water. After he was confident that he would not melt in the water... he had a really good time.

We did find a lot of treasures, unfortunately none of it was gold.

Tim enjoyed the water but I think he liked the sand more. He liked digging in it and rubbing toes in the water. The waves were a little much for him but he like sitting back far enough just to get the edge of the surf coming in.

James is a total fish. This boy LOVES the water. It was hard to get him out of the water. Jumping in the waves, playing on the boogie boards, trying to catch the fish between the waves.

It was a really fun day. In the end we came home with three adults, three sleeping teenagers, and three sleeping kids.

And all three of the kids have the Coppertone tans!


Amy said...

Awesome!! It looks like you guys have had some really fun outings. Enjoy it before school starts.

Jen said...

You can actually use the two coasts thing in two truths and a lie. I do - only mine is that I've walked on the Atlantic coast and the Pacific coast in the same day. That was when we lived in Monterey and my parents were in Homestead. Good times! Wish we were there!

Ashlee said...

Hi Leah of course I remember you. My husband even remembers you and he was in the grade about us. Thanks for your word I really appreciate it. I feel good right now about what is happening. I know if I stay strong we will make it. I will add you to my list when I go private.

Your family is so cute. All boys you have you work cut out for you! :)

Joseph said...

Nice B & W pics!

Momlissa said...

Popping by from SITS! Your boys are adorable!!

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