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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh the places we've been

We are finally settled.... for a month at least. We are in North Carolina staying with the husband's sister. {THANK YOU} More on the reason we are here later.

Our life packed up.... the boys really had a great time with the truck. They each got to take turns riding in the truck with dad.

Anyway. We started in Sierra Vista, Arizona last Wednesday. After saying goodbye to some wonderful friends we jumped on I-10 for the long 2,000 mile drive!!
When it comes to neighbors you really can't get better than Priscilla and her family. They will be dearly missed!!
Tommy and his little buddy Caleb. They had such a love-hate relationship!! Like you would not believe, but when it came down to it they were best friends.

We made our first stop in El Paso, Texas. We were able to visit with some other friends that had moved there. It was really weird being in El Paso, because I thought that we lived on the boarder being in Sierra Vista, but as we were driving you could see the boarder fence!

Here we are right before we left. The boys are getting out some last minute wiggles before saddling up for three days of seatbelts. It was great for James to have a chance to play with his friend. {and three cheers for trampolines!}

We made our next stop in Sonora, Texas.
The boys {all of them} enjoyed the evening in the pool. The boys are fish... almost.

The boys were exhausted...{my heavens it is hard to watch movies, reading, and looking out the windows all day.... Starting day two I took the picture right before we woke the boys up. Boy, I'm glad that i wasn't in that bed... I would have been kicked out.

We drove and drove and finally made it out of Texas and bunked down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. And the best way to end the day is to play with dad, jump on the beds {and miss because they were to far apart} and smash your fingers in the doors.... in my defences, I told Tim it would happen, I warned him... twice.

The boys must have slept better... look how cute they are. Oh... the picture of perfection. Then we woke them up to start again.

After getting up bright and early we left Louisiana and trekked across 2 other states before making our way to Florida. We were in 4 states that day! I like the smaller states because it makes you feel like you really are getting there faster.

Then we made it FINALLY.... after 3 days {and 4 hours} and over 7 states! Boy we were sure happy to make it... but alas we were done yet.

We made it to the hotel in Daytona...We were happy, and I think the boys had a little bit of cabin fever from being in the car for so long.... they turned crazy....dang it... I guess I mean they got crazier.

After we made it to Florida, on Saturday night, we went to church the next day and just rested... a much needed day of rest.
Monday, came and with the help of some great young men... missionaries... the truck... our whole life was unloaded and put into a 10x30 storage shed in 2 1/2 hours!!! It's so weird to think that our life is just sitting and waiting for us.

Then we had a day's drive up to North Carolina. The boys were happy to get out and finally have a place to run. And that place to run came with extras.... 3 cousins ready and waiting to run the boys into exhaustion. The boys are loving having such great play mates, and the best thing is is that they are live in.

And yes... even super heroes get tired!


Durante said...

You made it safely! Sounds like a great adventure and I don't blame everyone for being so exhausted, just getting through Texas alone is enough for a lifetime.

Amy said...

Glad you made it. Sounds like the boys did rather well for all that driving and hotel staying.

Cayde and Brianna Taylor Family said...

Yeah I'm going through Leah withdrawls. I'm glad it went realatively easy. The boys are such troupers. Good luck with the rest of the adjustment hopefully everything turns out well. Love you!!

Melissa said...

You're kids are amazing for going through all that! I hope Steve likes chiropractic school so you can finally settle down!

Stuart and Heather said...

I'm tired just thinking about all that driving! You are a champ!

amberacottrell said...

Sounds like you have some great boys who are up for adventures and a good mommy! You have a great attitude, good luck with the big changes.

Emily said...

You guys are so adventuresome! I hope that you are all settled in...
you're a great example to us all!

Keep up the good work!

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