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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feels like forever!

Feels like I've been away forever! And really it's only been 4 days. Here is some of the going ons around our house as I get back in to the swing of blogging again.

We are adjusting to Steve being home and love having him here. The boys can't get enough of him. James keeps saying in his prayers at night "Thank you for daddy being here" it's really cute. And Tim keeps saying "Daddy came back!" When Steve went to work Monday morning the boys just about had a melt down when Steve was walking out the door. After lots of hugs and the promise that dad would be home for dinner they let him go.

Here is a funny story about Steve.... He can now put on his "List" of things that he has done in his life... Steve has been deported!!! On his journey home he got on a military flight that took him to Qatar. When he got off his flight in Qatar he was asked for his Visa, he didn't have it so he was taken in to custody. So they put him on the very next flight to Kuwait {where he wanted to go} and because he was being deported he couldn't be bumped off the flight. AND he has been blacklisted, he can't ever go back to Qatar. So for all you who wanted to vacation with Steve in Qatar, you'll have to find another destination.

I had to unexpectedly help at Tommy's preschool today. I went and picked up James and went back to the preschool to help clean up. I tried to get James involved with what the preschool was doing. James turned to me and said, "This is a waste of my time" I have no idea where that came from, but it was really funny.

Jen and Adam and the boys are here!!! We'll they've been here for about two weeks now, but I thought you all should know. We met them in Monterey and have been great friends ever since. Adam and Steve were deployed to Iraq together and oh, gosh, our history goes on forever... like the last 4 years. Davy and Jon are just loved by our boys and it goes both ways. They just can't get enough of each other. They are all pretty much brothers. Unfortunately they are just here for TDY {Army training} and will be leaving me in March. Anyways... They just needed a shout out

On a more serious note.... I found this blog Spirit Jump that connects people with others that could use a lift in life from the affects of cancer. My grandma died years ago from breast cancer and I really didn't realize what it was about and how much it affected her. I got an email from Spirit Jump with a new list of people that need to "be jumped" and among them is a women who is 27.... 27 {I am 28} and she is in the late stages of cervical cancer!!! There is another woman who is 31 and raising a 4 year old and is fighting breast cancer. There is a gentleman who is in recovery from brain cancer and is now suffering from depression. This blog is a wonderful one and you need to check it out!!! Even a little note will lift the spirit of someone who is fighting for their life.

Thank you all for your kind words and being excited with me for Steve being home. As of today... there are no more deployments in the future {yeah for me} but as always our life is an adventure... so stay tuned for the next chapter.

Friday, January 23, 2009

I'll take one husband and a side order of kisses

So after 9 long months I have a husband! I thought he was going to be coming home next week, well imagine my surprise when I get a call Tuesday night {from one very handsome man} saying that I need to pick him up from the airport the next day. Well, no questions asked, we would be heading out the next day to pick him up.
Off we went to the Tucson airport, but not with out balloons. Of course when you go and pick some one up from the airport you need balloons. Unfortunately the guy at Safeway took 30 minutes to blow up 6 balloons!!
The boys were great on the way up. We talked about how they needed to listen and that they couldn't run around, and that they had to wait until they got the ok before they could run up to dad. They were so excited to go into the airport and see dad.

We are about 2 minutes from the airport when I get a call. Steve was already off the plane and waiting for us. Getting balloons caused us to be late and the grand reunion that was suppose to happen.... well.... didn't. Steve was sitting and waiting for us to get there. Just sitting with his luggage waiting. {I felt really bad about that}

In the end it was a perfect way to welcome him home. And although it wasn't grand it didn't matter. To have Steve hold me again was all I needed. And to see the boys hugging and hanging on their dad was the best thing that I could see.

Welcome home Steve, I love you. You are my hero. I'm glad to have you home safe in my arms. I so happy to see you with the boys. They love you so much.

{Sweetie, I'll have those kisses super sized!!}

Sunday, January 18, 2009

This Mama is on a Mission

You know when you have those days when you wake up and just know that you are going to change the world. Well today was not one of those days. However, I did get a lot of things done today. Change the world... well no, but marking things off the list....TOTALLY!! I got up and made my list and got started crossing it off.

*Made phone calls and replied to emails, folded laundry, and did dishes {the easy part}

*Cleaned the playroom. This was a deep cleaning! I decided to pull some of the boys' toys. I'll admit, they have too many. So I boxed some up and put them out in the garage. I'll rotate them out in a couple months.

*We went out and cleaned the back yard. The birds have taken over the back patio, and had to clean all the signs that they are hanging out.... all the bird poop. Threw away all the broken, random toys, and I even raked the grass. You see, I kill anything that might in one way or another fall in the plant category. So I thought I would rake the grass and get it ready for Steve to work his magic and turn the grass green again.

*I washed the car inside and out. Nothing close to the "wax on, wax off" in fact I don't wax. I started one time... a long time ago, but I got half the hood done on a car that we had, and then I was spent and couldn't go on.... so no waxing for me. I even vacuumed the inside, I didn't realize how much.... actually I'm not even going finish that sentence, I have three boys, nothing dirty should surprise me.

*Went to a wedding reception... all the primping that comes with that... yes, I do need a lot of primping, surprising I know. After yelling at the boys for pulling on the table cloths, spilling the bubbles all over the floor. running amok, and complaining about wanting more dessert I got tired and decided to join in the Karaoke fun. Since I like to exploit my children I made James sing with me. So we got up and sang 1985, by Bowling for Soup. James loves that song and had a great time singing "19 - 19 - 1985"

*After putting the boys to bed I started picking up the rest of the house.

I think a lot of this is mostly adrenaline. I am really excited... especially for Steve coming home, which by the way, he should be back in the country... THIS country... the USA, on Monday!!!! My other big news is that I'm the new distance coach for the high school track team! I know one other thing to be over but I'm really excited. This is the first thing that I have truly done anything for myself, just myself. Most of the time I'm I doing for the boys or the husband, or other people, but this is just for me. I've never coached before, so this is a whole new thing for me, but I ran Cross Country for 4 years, and Track for 3, so I've been around. Anyway, I've been thinking about drills and practices and stuff and just been on a high. Hence the cleaning!

Well my mission is now complete and I'm now exhausted {are you}... I think I'll go to bed, and hope I have enough energy to roll out of bed tomorrow.The boys had a, great time "helping" wash the car. James did a pretty good job, but Tommy wanted to wash the rocks in the yard. We now have the cleanness rocks in the neighborhood! After that the boys got wet... the most reasonable use for water.

{oh, I updated my other blog with my 'Picture a Day' if you want to peek}

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Homeward bound!!!

Say it isn't so... but it is! After 9 long months apart {and 5 of those spent in Afghanistan} he is coming home!!!!

Steve should be home the 28th or the 29th of JANUARY!!! I'm so excited, but of course these next two weeks are going to go so slow. The best thing about the homecoming is the newness again. Of course, I'll have to share him with the three crazies but getting to kiss him again after such a long time apart.... It will be good. Not that I promote separation, but the home coming definitely has it's perks!!
Steve I found this song from Plain White T's and I love it. This ones for you Sweetie!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cookies anyone?

What can top a day of pedicures and shopping with a best friend???? Girl Scout cookies of course!!! Jen and I got back and all the boys were playing outside and not 10 minutes later, that wonderful girl comes walking the street. I bought 3 boxes of Thin Mints and 3 boxes of Somoas. {we also got 2 FREE boxes of Girl Scout cookies}

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Leah needs and wants...

I'm awake in the middle of the night (when am I not) and I typed into Google "Leah needs" and here is what I need (according to Google anyway)

*Leah needs a helmet by Rabooka {um, ok why not}
*Leah needs a full length puffy coat
*Leah needs to stop crying {where is the video camera}
*Leah needs pocketless pants {I kinda like pockets}
*Leah needs a storyline {I guess mine is not good enough}
*Leah needs a raise {yes, yes I do}
*Leah needs to shed the pounds, and the sooner the better {I thought I was doing ok, but I guess not.}
*Leah needs your vote...{I promise all free lunch if you vote for me!!}
*Leah needs toilet paper {a. I live in a house of boys and b. the boys like to see how much they could get down at one time.... so yes I need toilet paper}
*Leah needs a home fast, please adopt. {I guess they know it's been a long day with the boys}

Here {according to Google} is what I want, "Leah wants"...

*Leah wants to stand out {don't I already?!}
*Leah wants a 3 day theory to win the Battle of the Bands {does anyone have a theory}
*Leah wants to be a hot dancer {I should buy some rhythm first...}
*Leah wants cake {I can get on board with that}
*Leah wants to be in Star Wars {I totally do!!}

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Can I get a Woot Woot!!!

So 3 score and one year ago a child was born. He was a whopping 10 pounds and a month over due {where was the pictocin on that one?} Well he has grown in to a great man {if I due say so myself.... and I do}

Happy Birthday Steve!!! We love you! Thank you for taking care of the boys and I and loving me so much. Thank you for having ambition and working hard on what ever you are doing. Thank you for keeping my life interesting and joyful. I love being married to you. I hope that we get to spend many more birthdays together.... {and I mean actually get to spend them together}

Love you, beard and all!

{If any of you would like to email Steve and wish him a Happy Birthday here you go.... steve.grammer@gmail.com}

Monday, January 5, 2009

Attack of the killer tree

So I was doing the typical after Christmas thing you know, taking things down and cleaning up. I have finally moved on up to two boxes of Christmas stuff. Shocking I know. {Especially to those people out there who have 10+ boxes of Christmas stuff.} Anyway, like I said I was putting things away. I was taking the ribbon off and it was getting tangled at the bottom, so I was under the tree trying to get the ribbon off. Well when I was under the tree it fell over!!!! {don't laugh too hard} So there I am under the tree yelling for James to come and help me. I couldn't get out, so I needed James to lift the branches so I could shimmy out. I was so mad that I was attacked that I wanted to either burn it, but that wouldn't go over well seeing that the tree is plastic and metal. Or I wanted to throw it away, but how do I explain that to Steve that I threw away our fake tree... Well honey.... it's me or the tree.The tree doesn't look like it would eat you huh.... well don't let that fool you. And this thing just did not want to be put away. {I guess he didn't think he was done with Christmas} So I just had to put the tree, half, way in the box and put it to the side until I could find someone to help me take it apart all the way I couldn't remember if it came apart in three pieces or not. Obviously it's three pieces, I just couldn't get it apart. For two day that tree just stared at me every time I passed by.

Finally I got it put away in the box. It's a good thing because I didn't want to have Steve to have to choose. What am I saying.... Steve is a Scrooge anyway, he would have totally would have picked me.... I think.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Resolutions... I Hope.

Well, being the New Year and following the trend of making resolutions I'm going to let you all know what I'm going to try to accomplish this year. So following a blogging friend Lori, I'm going to start with really easy goals that I know I won't mess up on. This year I'm NOT going to jump off any cliffs, I am also NOT going to rob any one. See if I keep my expectations really low at least next year I can look back and say, "Hey, see I have some resolutions that I kept!!"

So at least I have a start huh.... Here are some others that I hope to stick to this year.

1-I'm doing my own take on Becky Higgings' Project 365 but I'm going to post my pictures on my other blog, See What I See. One picture a day.

2-In my ever quest to be more organized this is again on the list this year. Some people just are organized and some can only dream about it.... I am neither. There is to much chaos in my brain to have an organized dream. But hey, here's to hoping, and working hard.

3-I'm going to get a curriculum and files ready to homeschool the boys next year. I know there are some that are saying, "Good for you, I could never homeschool my kids." I think you could.... You taught your kid to walk, talk and use the potty... it's really not that different. {There will be more on this later.}

4-I want to get my Esty store going. I have some good ideas that I wan to get out there and get paid for. There will be a link soon.

5-So if I'm wanting to do an Esty store I guess that means that I actually have to do more crafting

6-To find Joy in the Journey. I am going to work on waking up each morning with a good attitude and ready to embrace the day and find the joy. {But I do reserve the right to have bad days and blog about it}

7- To grow closer to and have a closer relationship with my Savior. Through prayer and scripture study I'm going to get to know Him better.

So I think I'm going to stop there.... I mean I don't want to get to ambitious. I actually want to try to reach some of these goals. Please have high hopes for me... I'm going to need it.

Happy New Year Resolutions!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sparkling Cider, Mailboxes, and Forking.

Welcome to the new year!!! I went to a friends house to celebrate and I had the best three dates that escorted me to Lita and Kent's house. After crazy games and crazy children we were ready to welcome in the new year. The boys did really well and were up the whole time... yes, all the way to midnight.

I tried to get Tim to look at the camera but he was too busy looking at the glasses filling up with the sparkling drinks.

All the kids were really excited to get the blow horns and bang the kitchen pots and pans. Once all the kids had the noise makers there was no stopping the chaos.

Like I said once the banging started there was no stopping.... I thought of making James like Little Cindy Loo, but decided against it. {What would I have have told his mother???}
Here is Tim eyeing the bubbly, either that or he is really tired and is having a hard time holding his head up.... you take your pick.
When we finally made it to midnight we sent all the kids outside to make all the noise they wanted... Tommy had an urge to be the first to check the mailbox, there was no mail yet, Tommy was slightly disappointed.

After all the noise Lita was happy to hit the sparkling cider,

And so was Tim.

All Kent could think about was the glorious time he would be having the next day watching 14 hours of football.

Anne was really happy to have a chance to show us all that could do better than all the kids in blowing the noise maker thingy.
And really what would any party be with out a complete melt down.
And what other way is there to end the night but a kiss.

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