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Saturday, July 9, 2011

FaceBook stole my soul....

I have been wanting to blog for a while now but feel like I am really grasping at nothing as far as content goes. After some thought I realize that I Facebook everything... well... pretty much everything. And because I have readers that follow me on facebook and on my blog I feel like I am posting the same thing twice.

I have been all over the interent looking for ways to over come my "writer's block" or "blog cramp" or what ever you want to call it and I'm just stumped. I love blogging about my kids, I mean I have great kids, and they are all very handsome! {Tim won't let me call him cute any more...} But I want more... from myself mostly. And I don't necessarily want to be one of those "mommy bloggers" that post all the time about her perfect life.

And although I love them I don't want people to come here to read just because I'm having a give away... although that might be a good idea. Maybe doing scheduled posts on certain days?

I would like to post more about myself and my thoughts, but I'm afraid that my mouth and the way I can not tactfully write a sentence will hurt people, so I will keep most of my mean thoughts to myself. I do have some things that I am trying to get ready but I just don't know. Will you still like me if I post stuff that you disagree with?

So I'm asking you... anyone who is still out there... What do you want to know about? Anything really... I'll be totally open and as honest as I can be. If you don't want to know anything could you give me some topics to write on?

I'm going to lay off of Facebook for a while, and try to focus more here. I love my blog and my readers and this is where I want to be. I just need some help.


Gingerrose said...

I want to everything!! :) Seriously, I love your posts and how you say things. More of you is always appreciated :) I keep trying to make non-kid related posts on my blog so that I don't bore people to tears, but I love reading other people's posts about their kids. I like the idea of having a content schedule, maybe I'll start one up for my blog.

Gingerrose said...

forgot to write "know" in my first sentence. Blah.

Pyratess said...

I am blocked too! I have a list of topics to cover but I am too exhausted to sit and write them. haha.
blog some of your delicious recipes.
blog about how awful Florida is. wink wink.
I will try to come up with some stuff to blog about too.

Emily said...

How 'bout how you survived while your hubby was overseas? How 'bout your crazy life growin' up on Anasazi Avenue?:) How 'bout more pictures of YOU!

Just sayin'...


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