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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back to School

We have been back at school for a week now. And we are in a good routine and things are getting done. I thought I would post a couple pictures of what our "school" area looks like. We really do school all over our house depending on what is going on. We start in the living room for History and Reading, and we are in the kitchen for Science and Art, and we are in the room anything that is left over.

As I'm looking at these pictures I'm realizing that this really only shows a small part of it.

We have a 5 foot table that the boys will sit, stand, jump, bounce at. We may at some point get desks, but for right now this is what we have. Some shelves and little drawers. Each of the boys has a drawer where they put the things that they think are special or what ever, nothing in the drawers gets thrown away {until it's too full and I make them go through it...} I tried to do the Workbox System I think it's good in theory, but it didn't really work for us, and we don't have the room. Although, I have done something similar that I will tell you about in another post. Anyway... the magazine boxes are now used to hold.... magazines... workbooks, extra paper, lapbooks, pretty much anything else that will fit inside that we are using but I need to be out of the way.

What you don't see is that off to the left is a GREAT BIG white board {3'x 6'.... we had to cut it down to fit in the car} I was saving and saving to get a big white board from Staples when a friend of mine told me to go to Lowes and get it there. Low and behold I got a 4x8 piece of whit board for $12!!!! {instead of the $280 that Staples would have ripped me off for.... wanted me to pay.

And from there if you turned a 1/4 turn to the right you would see the beds. Fortunately it's a big room so we are not squished at all!

We have a couple filled bookshelves... and these are not all of our books... I rotate them out so it's pretty fresh every 6 months or so. {the rest are under Tim's bed} I love books, but I am trying to buy any more. {we will have to move them you know} so we use the library quite a bit. I look forward to one day having floor to ceiling book cases just filled with all sorts of good things!!

There was a map above the book cases but the boys liked looking at it to much.... so it came down to make it easier to find the places that they were looking for. Tommy has started an Art Gallery by his bed, so I think I'll let him expand it to this wall as well.

I wish it looked like this all the time, but alas, it does not. That's ok though, I'll take a clean area twice a year.

{the dinosaur is Phil and he sit on the table to watch it. I'm not sure what he is watching for that is just what I have been told, and he is put there every night}


Pyratess said...

Maybe Phil is learning too.

danielle @ RLR said...

I love all the white. So fresh and cheery. Also...I have the desk...but want the table! :)

Visiting from "not" back blog hop.


Giggly Girls said...

I have the desks and want the table too. LOL

Great space!!!

fixedonHIM said...

Have a wonderful year!

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