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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The rest of the story...

Here's the rest of the story pictures of when my sister was here. All the cousins had a good time. Some more that others. {Rozi and Tim played so well and had a great time!! Benji, and Haliegh.... not so much!}
While my sis was here we had a chance to go to the temple. It was nice! I always love going there and being able to feel the spirit and to learn. It was a nice chance to hang out with just the adults as well without having all the crazies around. {bless Taylor's heart {she's my baby sitter... she took on 7 kids all by herself!!}
Rozi and Tim decided that our horse needed to dress up for Halloween.
Pour girl was so tired at dinner. Rozi really took a liken' to Steve. It was cute to see the way he acted around her and how gentle he was when he was holding her... maybe I could see us with a little girl.
Here is Rozi and Tim. They both have such great imaginations. They had so much fun with their little games and the things they did.
Believe it or not Tim on only ONE month older than Rozi, and that's only because he decided that he was done cooking early and was born 10 weeks early. You really wouldn't know that seeing the two of them stand next to each other.

In this picture is Benji, {obviously} and Boon is behind him. Rozi is holding Haleigh and Tim is sitting next to them. James and Tommy are in the back. I think this is the only one I could get of all the kids
Because this is what the rest of them look like. Benji is a camera hog and likes to be front and center when I pull it out.
Here's a good one of all of them except Benji.

Ooo here is one of them all together but nobody is looking at the camera.

If I would have looked a little closer through my view finder I would have centered this and it would have been a good picture.... but really 7 kids. 8 and under.... with the majority of them under 6. I was happy just to have them all on the same block...

We tried to get a picture of Benji and Haleigh together. They too are just a month apart and Benji is twice her size... apparently I grow them big.... it's all the crisco sandwiches I feed my babies.... Anyway, we tried to get a picture of them together but they just would not have it.
Clearly they are too close to each other even now.

It was fun having Erika and Nick here for a little bit. It was sad to say goodbye, but soon enough we will be moving closer and hopefully visits will be more often.

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