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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Brain Dump...

 a dkSo... May went by fast, and June... well June, I wasn't really coherent during June. I am so thankful for some great kids that let me just lay in bed, and then on the couch. They really did help as much as they could. And Steve was great too!! He cooked and cleaned and shopped for me while I was so sick.

So really not a whole lot happened during those times but some things did. I want to get back into blogging so I'll start by getting caught up....

The boys helped Benji get breakfast.... it could have been a lot worse. I can say that kids can, in fact, live on cereal for a month.
 We did make it to the beach, not a whole lot in June, but a couple times...

 Legos were played with... a lot. Many creations were made, and destroyed.
A huge thank you goes out to my friends Alice and Ray for the Legos that they sent the boys. A box showed up in the mail one day and at first shake the boys knew what was in it. The boys got a box of a bunch of old school Legos. At one time they were probably part of a set. The boys loved all of the Legos that they got. All the pulleys, all the castle settings and horses and knights, and all of the car parts. Hours of {mostly quiet} fun was had while I was laying on the couch.
Once I found out I was pregnant I know I was going to be sick and want to just sleep, so one thing that I wanted to do before I got to sick was to watch the sunrise on the beach. So I dragged myself out of bed one morning to go down to the beach.

 This little crab was making his way down to the water but came pretty close to check me out.

I do have to say that while the sunrise at the beach was nice,  nothing can beat a desert sunrise.
The boys all finished another year of homeschooling and I now have a 3rd grader, 2nd grader, 1st grader, and a Benji.
There was a lot of book reading and I love that they are snuggled up together.
Oh.... and more Legos....

That is pretty much our May and June in a nutshell....

Things are better now and the boys are eating more than just cereal every day. We are at the beach at least once a week and the house.... we the house is still a disaster but there is a good reason for that......You'll have to wait to find out why....

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