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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Knocked out by a Hose

Tim had a loose tooth. He worked at it and worked at it but it was just hanging on and not wanting to come out.

He went outside with Tommy and they were playing... I'm not sure at what, but the next thing I see is Tim bringing me his tooth. I was so excited for him!!! {It was the first one} I asked him if he pulled it himself, and he said "No, Tommy threw the hose at me and knocked it out" So I guess you can that can be added to the ways teeth can come out.

Being the stellar mom I was when I was first pregnant I forgot about the tooth fairy. Oh, that boy was so sad to wake up to nothing but a tooth under his pillow. So while he was out playing the tooth fairy did make an appearance and left more than the average 25 cents that is usually found.

Then about 3 weeks later there was another wiggly tooth. Tim was sure to stay away from any hoses... and pretty much anything in throwing rang of Tommy. It came out and this time the tooth fairy came and preformed her job duties on time.

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