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Friday, August 31, 2012

Back at the Beach

Where summer is coming to an end in other places and area start to get cooler, here in Florida we are just as hot. but the good part of summer winding down for many is that kids go back to school, so for us, that means a empty beach.

We had a great day at the beach a couple days after school started. We pulled into the parking lot to find it empty, and as we walked down to the beach it was deserted. It was wonderful!
At first the boys were disappointed that there wasn't anyone there to play with, but as soon as they realized that they had run of the beach they realized that it was heaven.
Tommy is telling me about a fish that he saw in the waves. "It was this long"
"It was this big"
"Actually.... It was thisss long."
Heading back out to the water.

They got done with riding the waves and came in to play in the sand.  The boys found this hole that was big enough for all them to play in.The tide came in and filled it up.
It soon became a jellyfish grave yard for all the dead jelly fish washing up on the shore.
The boys collected all that they found and {lucky} didn't get stung by any of them.
This is one thing that I really will miss about summer in Florida... The "copper tone" bum that seems to happen with the boys. They are all so tan, I wonder if they will be able to be as tan once we move... probably not.
As the boys were collecting dead jelly fish, Benji made himself comfortable in the jelly fish soup. Feeling around for all the squishy jelly fish that were to be found.
He would pull them out and show them to me. Luckily this one was already dead because Benji promptly ripped it in half and dropped one half and put the other in his mouth.
He fished out more and began to stack them one on top of the other. He was enjoying the jelly fish soup.
 It was cloudy, and the beach was empty, it was a great day, one that I will always remember.

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Anonymous said...

what a great day at the beach, looks like they had a blast. They are all so adorable. We wanted to go before the season ended, but we just couldn't make it.

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