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Monday, November 26, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween is always fun and this year was no exception. There was pumpkin carving, costumes, and of course the all important candy.

I gave my pumpkin googly eyes... and I was quite impressed with all the boys, they all carved their own pumpkins...scraped them out and all. It's fun now that I don't have to do it all for them. 
Benji, was really cute, he sang "Happy Birthday" to each pumpkin as a candle was put in it..
They all looked really good lit up.

Oh, the joy of costumes.... each boy wanted something different and had their minds made up. I know that Halloween is every year on October 31st. but I still feel like it sneaks up on me every year,  leaving me to scramble for costumes for each of the boys.

Tim was a knight... {or Robin Hood} He went through so many costume changes it was hard to keep up with them all. finally... the day before the Trunk or Treat for our church he settled {was gently talked into} this. I had it on had, it was a costume that a friend of mine made for James YEARS ago. Tim really is the only one who likes to dress up so until the costumes reach him they stay in pretty good shape. After Halloween he continued to wear the costume for 3 weeks.

Tommy is {the son of} Frankenstein,  he was pretty easy, and it was nice to just paint his face and add the bolts and call it good. {I would show you a picture of his father, but blogger is not letting me upload any pictures right now.... but Steve's costume was really good!!}
James was the Grim Reaper, again another easy costume with a black robe and a thingy... I don't know what it's called that he holds, so it's a thingy.
And Benji, was.... yeah, I'm not sure. This too was a recycled costume. He looked cute in it and he actually had a sword to go with it too. He didn't cry when I put it on him, and he could move in it without getting tangled, so it was a win-win.

Halloween was fun this year. The boys made out with a ton of candy and were able to have a little more freedom when trick or treating in the neighbor hood. Steve walked behind them and some friends of theirs while the boys went to each door. I stayed behind and walked with Benji. He was really cute he would say "trick or treat" at each door, proceed to stick his fingers in the bowl to grab things out himself, then instead of a nice thank you... he would just say 'more'. Good thing he is 2 and can get away with that.

Maybe next year I'll start early on costumes.... who am I kidding I won't and I'll be scrambling around again... oh well... I guess it's part of the season too.


Saimi said...

Oh how your posts brings back memories for me. My youngest would wear his Superman costume practically year round. I truly believe it made him feel he can battle anything with that on. It's hard being the youngest!

Those are darling costumes, good job mom!

Aleatha said...

There is just something about Benji that gets my heart. Love the happy birthday and the more! Keep the post coming or I am going to have to start calling and we both know we don't have time for phone calls lol

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