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Friday, May 31, 2013

Playing Catch up

 Holy Cow.... Seriously, in my life if you blink you'll miss it.... Or in my case you blink and are in another state.

So here is an update of our last week or so in April {and a quick stop at the end of March for Easter}

At the end of March was Easter. I just didn't have the energy to do the whole egg thing... so we went to Latta Plantation and let them do the dirty work. It was a nice little place. I was really worried about doing a community egg hunt... I've seen those crazy parents who push all the little kids out of the way. But this one went really well. All the kids were separated into different age groups and they were only allowed to pick 10 eggs. Tim got one that was a "pick a prize" egg. So he got to go and pick his prize that was bigger than what could fit into an egg. My dear Tim picked a pencil.... Then it was time for James and Tommy to hunt for their eggs. Now when I say hunt I really don't really mean hunt... it was more like see who could pick their 10 eggs up  the fastest. Tommy got his really fast {typical} and a short bit later James came out. Nothing too spectacular in Tommy's  eggs. James however grabbed the egg with grand prize ticket in it. He was pretty excited. The grand prize was a giant basket of goodies.
There was also food venders out. Now I packed a lunch so we didn't have buy so much, but I am pretty much a sucker for cotton candy. And it makes for some fun fingers too.

 In the Easter baskets that they got Sunday morning there were bubbles... Benji promptly dumped his out. But the other boys had a good time.
 Bubbles are always a favorite activity!
 There were smore nights with friends!!
 And TONS of canning!!!

I didn't think we had that much in our freezer, so I thought we would eat it all before we moved. Well when I took a realistic look at what we had clearly we had too much. So....
24 pints of chicken
24 pints of hamburger
6 pints of pork
6 quarts of whole chicken
12 pints of strawberry jam
12 pints of blueberry syurp

We were canning until the day before we moved.... then it was wrapped up and put into storage, ready for us to put back on the shelves.
There was an afternoon with good friends. Out good friends Kevin and Julie came up from Florida for a charity race. We couldn't resist a chance to see them. So off we went.

 They are our forever friends and can't wait to see them again!
As a kid there is just something about buying ice cream from an actual "Ice Cream Truck". The boys had been staking out the truck for a couple of days. They really wanted to buy some ice cream from the truck. So finally they were ready with cash in hand. Well Tim had cash in hand. He was going to buy for every one. Five treats and $11 later everyone had something. It was decided that it would be cheaper to just buy something from the store than to wait for the ice cream truck. {they totally are a rip off now!!}

And then there was the packing.... and packing... and cleaning. We were able to get everything done and ready for the new people. It was kinda sad to pack everything up, but we did it.

So that was one quick month in review.... Next up... the actual trip out to Utah.... Life is never dull with a car full of boys....

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Anonymous said...

very smart move on the canning and having foods all ready for you. I give you creidt babe, can't imagine moving with all those boys...which are beyond cute

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