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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Traveling I-80 {mostly}

Our time in North Carolina cam to and end in April. So we packed up our life {again} in a Penkse and moved on.

Steve had mapped out for us a route that would take up about two and a half days. Steve's brother John flew out to help drive back to Utah. So Thursday morning we got up and one last look through the house we were off.

I had the dog and boys in the van with me while I pulled a trailer. Steve and John drove the Penske.

So with our life ready to go, so were we.

This trip was more of an adventure than we were expecting.

We drove up the Appalachain Mountains ever so slowly.... clearly map quest didn't take driving a full 26 foot moving truck up the mountain.... we were not able to go the speed limit. Actually we were quite under.... we were going about 25mph for the 3 hour drive up the mountain. {it was only suppose to take us about an hour to get up and over the mountain.

We had detour of 2.5 hours.... Something happened on the freeway in Nebraska and it took us on a long detour way out from the freeway and then back again.

We stopped for gas in Nebraska.... someone forgot the emergency break on the truck {I never drove it so it wasn't me...} And the truck rolled back and jack-knifed into the trailer that was carrying the car. This too, was not in the plan to get us to Utah in two and a half days.

There was flying tread from a wheel of the Penske truck, we had to have that fixed.

There was puke from Benji in the Penske, and then later from Tim... fortunately he did it in the bathroom garbage at a rest stop, and not in the car.

We had a dog that I'm sure thought we were going to leave him behind at some random stop, so he was dragged out of the car at each stop.

We stopped at IHOP and there was a random goose roaming the parking lot and the boys watched it for quite awhile, even in the rain.
Benji pointed out every train that we passed, or passed us. There were more trains on our route than I was expecting.

Much to my dismay we had to stop in Larime Wyoming. Do you remember this??? I got a huge ticket in Larime Wyoming for speeding. But there is not much in Wyoming so once we past Cheyenne we didn't have much of a choice for places to stop.

Steve left his sunglasses in the Penske.....

 So he had to use mine....

Finally Sunday afternoon we made it. It was sunny and beautiful the day we came. {we won't talk about the fact that is snowed two days later....}

We are staying with my parents in their basement apartment, and enjoying having family close by. Our stuff while out of the truck is in a storage unit waiting... just waiting for us.

Who knows what life holds for us. I would like to say that we are going to be in Utah for a while but our track record says something different.

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Im so happy you guys are here! We should all get together soon!!!

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