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Monday, May 13, 2013

Under Construction

We are finally in Utah. We are not totally homeless, thanks to my parents and an empty basement apartment.

I am making some changes... not big ones... around here and I'm going to be posting a ton of stuff soon.

Until then... enjoy some of these flashbacks

What did I do today?? {Feb. 2008} A poem that describes all Moms.

Dear to my Heart {May 2008} We are trying to teach the boys about love and sacrifice of those that fought and died for this great country of ours.

Oh, Tommy {January 2008} This one is funny. Tommy was suppose to e asleep.... he wasn't.

FIRE!! {May 2009} Tommy saved the day!!

This would only happen to me {November 2009} I like nature... but not in the house!

Walking can be dangerous {February 2011} Poor Tim!

Bravery {October 2011} I did a blog hop, and Cocoa from Chocolate on my Cranium wanted to know what we thought of word Bravery.

Back at the Beach {August 2012} Always a good time at the beach.

Better than a Super Hero {January 2013} Brothers are the best!!

I think most of my posts are a good read... if I do say so myself.... but these ones are fun and you can see how my cute bunch of boys are and how they have grown.

I'll be back to regular posting soon and I'll get you all caught up on our life.

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Anonymous said...

glad you are somewhat settled and all is okay. Can't wait to read how it is all going! Lots of Luck babe

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