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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Mormon Mecca

As we get ready to trek back across the United States to Utah I was thinking about how many have made this trip. Some to live and others just to see it.

Many of you know that Utah is the head quarters for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is where the Saints finally settled down after being driven from place to place before eventually being driven from what was the US at that time.

Many LDS people feel inspired to see the place where the early saints called home. Many will travel from their homes at least once, drawn to the place that the saints were call to. To see the Salt Lake Temple, to be a part of the community of the Church, to smell the very identifiable smell of funeral potatoes.

So as I am here getting ready to move back to this place that I called home long ago, I am remembering some of the things about Utah that make it so unique.

Of course we'll start with the obvious, the Salt Lake Temple. Even if you are not a part of my faith, if you go to Utah you need to see this marvel. All of the stones were cut from the mountain and brought down one by one with oxen. It's an Architects dream. And the Tabernacle, home to the famous MoTab choir,{that's Mormon Tabernacle Choir}

Then there is the way Salt Lake was set up. Every place should have done it just like Utah did. The city is set up on the grid system.... every street has a North or South coordinate AND an East or West coordinate. If someone gives you the address of 1700 E. and 3200 S in Salt Lake. You can drive directly there. The GPS is always nice to have but you don't really need it in Utah. I mean really... if I gave you the address 1575 Tulip Dr. in Charlotte would you even know which way to start driving?? Nope. People the grid system is the way to go.

The mountains. This is where I belong. I love the feeling of being surrounded by all the mountains. And weirdly enough I don't have my irrational fears of natural disaster about anything in this state. Oh I know about the earthquakes and the fact that the mountains can crumble inward and stuff, but looking at the mountains that circle me.... well... I just don't care. Being within the "shadows of the everlasting hills"... I say crumble away!

And we all know us Mormons like our food storage. I love that all the homes are built with extra big pantries. When people add on to their home in Utah, it is usually for the food storage that they have. And on top of that.... if you look under beds in a Utah home probably about 8 times out of 10 you'll find food storage under there.

Seriously... Utah is the mini van capitol of the world.... with the "not-so-average-number" of children in a family, we need a way to transport all the people. Mini vans are the way to go. And don't forget the family decal on the back... the husband... the wife... the 6 kids... the 4 dogs... the 2 cats and the fish.

And really... Mormons know how to do pot lucks!! When you go to a ward party you usually end up with a bigger selection of food than at most buffets! Anything and everything you could ever think of to eat is usually at a ward function. {and I should say too... many things that should never be consumed by humans}

Along with the ward potlucks.... I'll just say one word.... JELLO. You really don't know how many different ways you can have Jello until you have see them all lined up on a table and no two are the same.... I mean really... who thought carrots and raisins in Jello would be a good thing {gross}???

The Mormons have there own name for things... like the famous Funeral Potatoes. I had never heard of this dish until some was brought to me that was left over after a funeral... I thought it was odd, but what ever. Not to long after that a sign up list was going around for food for a function. On it they needed 3 people to bring funeral potatoes... I was worried! I asked who had died. Does the family need help with anything else. That was the day I found out that funeral potatoes can be eaten at other times, and not just at funerals.

Red and Blue are dangerous colors!! There are two big colleges in Utah... BYU and UofU. If you are in Salt Lake and are wearing blue you may be hogtied and questioned. The UofU doesn't take kindly to those of Y sort.... And if you are caught wearing red in Cougar territory I'm pretty sure you'll be taken to a dark room and be forced to listen to "Ever Clean" by the boy band Sons of Provo. People this is serious stuff! And we won't even start with what happens to the BYU fans if they are up north in Aggie area.... somethings are better left unsaid. {~shutter~}

Utah is home to some of best outdoor recreation. There is skiing, hiking, 4-wheeling, rock climbing and so much more. It's the place of Arches, and 7 National Parks! It really is home to the greatest snow on earth.... even if that snow happens to be in May.

Utah is a beautiful place with it's own unique culture, and I'm excited to go back. Everyone should see Utah and experience it at least once in there life. But please don't trust the Jello!

Can you think of anything that I missed that is unique to Utah??


Sara Richins said...

Correction: 3 big schools! lol! Utah State, GO AGGIES!!!

Good luck on your move! Hope everything goes well and you travel safely! And good luck on your new adventure!!


Anonymous said...

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Jennifer said...

I'm with you - EWWW on Jello. I've lived here for a total of 13 years and have only found ONE Jello concoction that I will trust. The Jello Strawberry Pretzel "Salad".

Utah pronunciations - crick for creek, mell for mail, Lay-un for Layton, and I love listening to out-of-staters pronounce Tooele, Hurricane, Levan and Mantua.

Stupid Utah names and spellings - Kanyen, Bryten, Aunistee, Maysenne, Khash... the list can literally go on and on.

The fact that beer will never be out of stock at Walmart but Red Vines will.

You can approach just about anyone on the street over the age of 25, ask for a baby wipe and they'll have one in their purse.

So happy you're back! <3

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