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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Benji turned 3... WHAT??

Where did the dang time go??? How did this happen?? My little baby is running crazy and creating havoc!

This boy has rocked my world. I really took for granted how easy the others were. I have learned patients with this one. I have really mellowed out and have more just 'go with the flow' mentality. And... pretty much the flow is where Benji is.

When you asked what he wanted for his birthday all he would say is "blue bike mom.... I want a blue bike"

So a blue bike it was.

He wanted t ride with his brothers. He gt on and tried a bit... then took the bike outside and pushed it around.

We are getting there though he'll ride soon I'm sure..... or just enjoy ringing the bell as he pushes the bike down the road.
 I made him lemon cupcakes. I have jumbo cupcake pans and so Benji got the big one.  {I love cupcakes for birthdays.... there's no reason for a fork and I hand one to each kid and push them outside.... show them where the door is.
We all sang to Benji... and he sang to himself he ends every Happy Birthday song with a "Cha Cha Cah {blow}" and before each time he tried he would sing just the Cha Cha part and then try blowing again.

I have been blessed with a strong willed, determined little boy. You wait... and watch... he will move mountains. He has the desire and the drive. I love that about him. He knows what he wants and doesn't let anyone or anything stand in his way. {much to the dismay of his brothers} He figures things out.... it makes it hard to put childs locks on anything... or just locks on general. He LOVES to sing and has been since he was a year old. You can see the joy in his face when he is singing, whether it's a Primary song, a song off the radio, or from dinosaur train. He's got curls.... oh I love the curls! Sometimes they are all tangled, sometimes they are flat, an other times they are wound tightly and I love when he lays his head on my lap and lets me play with his curly hair.

Great things will come from this boy. I work hard to keep him pointed in the right direction. I pray daily for guidance in that.

Benji, you are a wonderful addition to our family. You fit in so well. You have a way of bringing every one closer. You are the only one that can get away with calling Tim... Timmy. I love that you have nicknames for everyone in the family. Here's to another great year more chaos and crazy!!

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