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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer sprinklers

On one of the last day of summer before school started, I found myself pondering this summer. It really wasn't that great. No trips were taken and because of our situation we didn't have the money to go places and do things. I am thankful for my wonderful children that would rather have experiences than things. So I told them to put on their bathing suits... they asked if we were going to the beach.... I asked them were the nearest beach was. Tommy knew that it was in California... but he only thought that because it was two states away it would only take up 2 hours to get there.

Instead I handed out Popsicle and turned on the sprinkler.

Looking at this picture with the backs of their heads all I can think of saying is "one of these things is not like the other" We still don't know where Benji got all that curl.
 I love this picture of the 5 of them.

It was kinda a sad day when I realized that they had never had the joy of running through the sprinklers... how have we missed doing this??? I guess when you live near the ocean... that's what you do and the poor sprinklers don't stand a chance.

I love this one of James as he flies over!

For Tommy it took a lot of coaxing to get him even to kinda get wet. He is not a water person so the fact that he is even near the water is a big thing.

Tim had a blast jumping in and out of the water.

They were going to try to do a running high-five... they couldn't get the timing right so they were jumping at the same time.... and when you jump over with your eyes shut... you crash.

Benji has found the joy of the camera... this really isn't anything new. 

When Benji was about 6 months old I was busy in the kitchen and couldn't get to him. So Tim was trying to entertain him. Nothing was working and Tim got board. He wanted to take some pictures, so he used my camera and started snapping away.

He started taking pictures of Benji, and Benji stopped crying.... soon he started giggling.

He loves to have his picture taken and now is making an effort to get into all of the pictures... so watch out when you have your camera out.... you may be photobombed by Benji.

James and Tim are less than 3 years apart. I never realized how much bigger James is than Tim..... and how much older he looks when he's next to his little brother.
 Poor Tim.... I don't ever think he'll grow out of his beach bum
This is what Tommy found that he liked to do.... what fold the hose and wait for someone to stand by the water.... or check on it and let the water flow... he likes water when he is not getting wet.
 And last.... look at Benji. He finally went over the top of it. I love his face in this picture!

I want to remember the simple joys of summer. Vacations are fun, and they create some really good memories. But you can have good memories and fun times just by being silly. Have a popsicle and  turn on the hose and see who can jump the highest over the water.

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