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Monday, August 26, 2013

On my wall

I have a hard time decorating.... I try, but I get so nervous that it won't look good that I just avoid it.

I have a good friend that has a great blog about decorating Inside-Out Designs. She is truly amazing and has a lot of great ideas. Now I'll be honest.... Her style is not my style and I really couldn't see myself hanging the same art that she has on my walls, but the great thing with Brook is that she explains why she changed things, or bought things, and she has a lot of tutorials so you can use what you like.

I read this post of hers about framing fabric. I thought is was a good idea I just didn't know if I liked any fabric enough to frame it.

Then I remembered that I had something special that has just been moved with us and spent many years in my sock drawer.

That's the beauty of art work.....

It is a scarf that my Great Grandma Ester would wear. She would get her hair done every week and then put a scarf on her head so her new do wouldn't get blown in the wind.

Then as my Grandma Joyce was battling cancer and lost her hair, she wore the scarf. The women who wore this scarf are very special to me. And I am so happy to have a piece of them with me. I love that this is no longer tucked away, but out for people to see, and when the boys ask about it there is a great story to go with it.

{I know it's a little crooked.... I had a great helper who was so excited to help. I'll straighten it out another day}

I love the pictures of raspberries. Every time I eat raspberries it takes me back to Michigan where those women lived next door to each other. I remember sneaking into other people's yards in the neighbor hood to eat the sweet raspberries. And the colors are so bright still. And the detail is wonderful!!

I made sure that this is out of the sun. I will be getting a new frame with glass that is a little tinted so the color won't fade from the sun.

I love that it is by the aprons. My grandma would make cute aprons for all the girls that worked at the Snack Shack, the restaurant that she and my Papa owned and ran.

It's up really high so I'm going to move things around to make it fit better, but I just needed to get it up on the wall.

I have some other ideas about what I want to put on my walls. But I'm glad I made the start with this.


Iosephus Bibliothecarius said...

Really great idea, Leah! I have always loved remembering ancestors by the things they leave behind.

Mom said...

I love that. It looks great! I framed a piece of fabric from my great-grandparent's couch. Every time I see it, I think of them.

Brooke said...

It looks so beautiful framed; I love it!! And even more I love the story behind it. Thank you so much for linking to me and for the sweet things you said!

Dana Reed said...

Absolutely love this Leah! What a great way to keep them memories of Grandma and Great Grandma alive! So cool that you have this scarf! Love, Dana

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