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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tim's a year older

While I was laying on the couch trying not to die.... {ok s that's a bit of an exaggeration...} This amazing kid turned 7!

For his birthday this year he wanted to go to a corn maze. So we found one in Lindon and off we went. It was a fun day out with the boys.

I still look at him and see a tiny baby that was so frail and small. But when I blink, there he is. A boy! And not just any boy, a really great one.

Tim is my snuggler. He will come and sit next to me and rub my arm or play with my hair, or just curl up in my lap.

He is bordering between two worlds right now.  He loves to run with the big kids and play with them, but he still likes all the little kids things like dressing up and being held and carried.

When his feelings get hurt he will not let anyone see him cry. {But when he gets in trouble or doesn't get what he wants he can start crying at the drop of a hat} And his big eyes with the dark hair and dark eye lashes will get him what ever he wants.

He is cute and he knows it and uses it to get him things.... He got a goodie bag and a piece of cake from a birthday party that was at a park that we just went to play at. Just because he was cute and asked if he could play too.

He is sensitive, and very in tune with little ones need.

He is starting to have a really good sense of humor.... but his favorite word is still poop. He'll even say it just to giggle at himself.

Tim is a joy to our family. He really thinks about everyone and tries to make sure that everyone is happy.

Tim I love you!! You are a wonderful kid and you are going to be an amazing young man! Thank you for being such a big part of our family!!

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