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Sunday, October 28, 2007

First attempt at Halloween Costumes

James had a Halloween party at school, and you could dress up. James was a willing participant with putting the costume on as soon as he knew he could have a sword. Tommy on, the other hand, went kicking and screaming into his costume, once in he was really cute.
James is Robin Hood (at least that's what he relates it to), but he looks a lot like a hobbit. Tommy is suppose to be Little John, but I decided he looks like a pirate. And Tim is a dragon. We bought the dragon costume for James' first Halloween and loved it, so it's had a good go around.

Jen made James' costume for last year, and James would not wear it. So I figured I would have him wear it this year. Hopefully we can get some better pictures for Halloween of the boys.

I wanted to share this one last picture. This is Tommy if he doesn't get a nap in the afternoon. He'll fall asleep at the table. This happens weekly.

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