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Friday, October 26, 2007

More bars in more places

So we went to the pumpkin patch with James' preschool class. It was a lot of fun for the boys. If I had my third arm it would have been easier but.... such is life.

There was a "Pumpkin School" where all the kids learned about all the different kinds of pumpkins. The two boys were quite interested but Tim didn't really care about learning about the white 'ghost' pumpkins and the pie pumpkins. So we went out to see the animal.

While we were out at the animals with the rest of the class we learned things about goats and pigs. We also learned that the pigs that were out there were going to be ham and bacon after Thanksgiving.

After searching for about 15 minutes (and picking up and testing many pumpkins) James finally found the one that he wanted. Tommy tested his pumpkins by seeing if they bounce, fortunately, Tommy is not that far off the ground so we didn't have any broken pumpkins around the field.

Well at the end of the field trip (after a walk through the grass maze) we ended with buying the pumpkins. Tommy couldn't carry his pumpkin all the way to the barn so I took it for him. This is while I'm holding Tim and his pumpkin as well. I'm sure I looked ridiculous trying to not drop any one or anything.

Yeah for the "Great Pumpkin"!!!

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