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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween....Whatever...

Well, Happy Halloween to you all. And yeah, it's over. So does everyone else have issue with getting there kids into costumes? Tommy was actually really good this time, but James took 30 minutes and two pieces of candy before he would even consider putting his costume on. Tim did not like having anything on and just cried when I put the dragon head over his.
We painted pumpkins for FHE on Monday. Painted you ask.... Yeah, Tommy has a weird fascination with knives so they are kept what out of his reach, and it's fun to watch them go wild with paint.

I didn't get any good pictures of the three boys together with costumes so this is what we got.
So after many tears and a handful of candy given for no good reason other than for my satisfaction of the boys wearing the costumes that I want them to wear, waiting for about a half hour for Steve to come home, forgetting what time the "trunk 'or' treat" was starting so the kids ended up with toast and a banana for dinner..... we finally left the house.
We came home and went to a couple houses around the neighborhood, and decided to make our way back to the house once Tim started getting really tired and when James and Tommy started walking into people's houses wanting to see what toys they had. Good thing I was standing right there.

So here we are and all children are in bed and I think the boys made out pretty well.

Here's to another Halloween, and the start of the holiday season (because we know all the Christmas stuff is out already) and maybe, just maybe I'll start on a rocket costume for next year for James.

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