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Monday, October 22, 2007

Tommy, I love you

Ok, so I really have very cute kids. James and Tommy where laying on the couch yesterday watching a movie, and I hear James say "Tommy, I love you", just out of the blue and than Tommy saying "I love you too"

Well, it's getting closer and closer to Halloween. And do you want to know what James' want to be..... a rocket! But I'm going to try to get him to wear the costume that Jen made for him last year and didn't wear. I'm going to buy a sword and try to bribe him with it to wear the dang costume. I have no idea yet for Tommy I'm going today to see what I can come up with, and I have a dragon costume for Tim. hopeful it will all go over well this year.
Not a whole lot has happen this past week. Just same old same old.... Tim happily screaming every chance he gets. (and lately crying because he is cutting two more teeth) Tommy running around wanting to "do it myself". And James, getting ready for the primary program. Which by the way he did really well on! The last two practices that they had he wouldn't even sing the songs let alone get up and say his part. But yesterday, he stood up and sang, said his part, and.... wanted to do it three of four more times. the only down part wast that the Stake presidency and the Bishopric were still sitting on the stand and they put the Sunbeams right behind the Stake Presidency, so we saw only James' head most of the time, but he did peek between two heads to wave hi to us.
The boys love it when Steve throws them around and they always come back for more. and right now Tommy is just the right size for throwing. He's light enough to be thrown high and far. And it's a pretty good work out for Steve. And don't worry... Captain is always there to make sure things don't get out of control, and to step in when necessary.

Well, here's to another week. And to hoping that I can get all of the kids into the costume that I want them to wear for one last year.

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