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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Random things about me

So here we go. Hehem! Here's how you play: You have to make a post with seven weird/random facts or habits about yourself.

OK, to start...
1) I'm usually the one who has really random thoughts. ("Just think how tiny sunny side-up eggs will be if you use hummingbird eggs") and usually they leave my mouth before I get a chance to see if makes sense in the conversation.

2)I like to solve other people's problems before they know they have them. If I can't sleep I'll be figuring out your problem, and then fix it.

3)I like to organize other people's houses, and I'm kinda good at it, although you wouldn't know it by my craft area...it's more like creative chaos (that's just a nice way to say messy)

4)I'm a HUGE tv junkie!!! Thank heavens for DVR and early bedtimes!!!!

5)We have Dish TV but Passions moved to Direct TV and I'm really missing it! It's the dumbest soap opera but I love it. And I was left hanging wondering if Teresa was ever going to tell Ethan the truth, if Fancy and Luis would get married, how Alistair lived after the train wreck, mountain collapsing, and a bomb going off, and if he is alive, what about Marty.

6)I'm waiting for my 15 minutes of fame. I so want to be on TV, of in the movies. Oh, I'm content being the girl on the park bench reading a book. But I wouldn't turn down the chance to kiss a celebrity... Ian Sommerfield would be my choice.

7)I would love to live in a High Rise Apartment in New York, Las Vegas, LA and all the fun cities. Or a villa in Europe. Hopefully one day.


EmilieAn said...

YOu're awesome!. Just love it. Thanks for the props to my site. I was reading it and it all made such sense to me. I sat for ever trying to find interesting things to say about myself. I knew I should have just called you. I could think of 10 things for you and you nailed just about everyone of them. See. You probably already thought of it. I love you and all those cute boys you've got over there.

JMSuperFem said...

Thanks Leah, I love your new do. I added some layers to my hair, but I'm still scared of bangs. :) Here are my seven things:

1) If I can stay awake past 2am, I can stay awake all night and still function the next day.

2) I don't function quite as well if I try doing that more than once a month.

3) I tried to make flour out of mesquite pods when we lived in Sierra Vista. It was the wrong time of year and when I couldn't find very many in the wash next to our house, I decided to harvest my neighbors prickly pears. I was using a pair of tongs and still got pricked. My neighbors think I'm pretty weird.

4) Leah wasn't supposed to tell anyone where I got my tortillas... Well, maybe she didn't.

5) My grandma was cleaning out a friend's house and found a box tied closed with a bunch of little pieces of sting tied together. It was labeled: "Pieces of String Too Small To Be Useful." When we cleaned out my grandma's home, she had saved that box! I think her living through the depression got stuck in my genes.

6) I went on a field trip to Sea World when I was in first grade. I remember that starfish pool very well. I was staring into it, maybe even touching the anenomies (sp?) and being completely fascinated. I looked up and my class was gone! I quess we weren't using the buddy system. I wandered around Sea World by myself until I got hungry. Then, I decided to wander around by the eating places and picnic table and ran into another class from my school. I stuck with them the rest of the day. Thank goodness for "Code Adam" nowadays.

7) I have arachnophobia and whatever "fear of creepy bugs" is called.

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