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Saturday, November 10, 2007

SeaWorld with the family

Before we begin, I wanted to share a "before" and "after" with you. I cut my hair. I really like it, but I think next time I'll go a little shorter, not too much, but a little bit shorter.

So what do you think? I really like it, it's been awhile since I've had bangs, but we'll see how it goes.

Ok, on to SEAWORLD......
After Steve was on an FTX as an instructor for the past 2 weeks he was given a week off, so it was decided that on Wednesday we were going to go to SeaWorld. So we packet up the car and after my dentist appointment (I'm getting my wisdom teeth out December 7 (happy Birthday James and EmilieAn) we hopped in the car and off we went.

We stayed at the San Diego Navel Base billeting. James and Tommy were pretty tired and went right to bed. Tim on the other hand decided that it was funner to keep everyone awake. He's a really good sleeper, once he's asleep. So after about 30 minutes of nothing working we put his pack'n'play in the bathroom and that is where he slept. The next morning we woke up and saw a boat that they had pulled out of the water to work on, and we also saw that it was over cast...

Who checked the weather report..... No one. Ok, fine... who packet pants, sweaters.... socks? No one. So off we went to the PX to get a couple things. Boy, oh boy.... The "Navel Exchange" was over whelming. I walked in and just stood there! It was like walking into a Dillards or ZCMI! HOLY COW! PX's for the Army are like going in to a K-mart.

So we got the things that we needed resisting the temptation to go shopping and made our way to SeaWorld. We got there and pulled out the things that we were going to need that day. Including a stroller that I borrowed from my neighbor, Priscilla, thinking that it would be easier than the double stroller that we had. Boy was I wrong.... and 15 minutes later we felt confident that it wouldn't collapse when we put Tim in it, we were off.

So we arrived right when it opened (minus the whole stroller thing) and thanks to Anhiser-Bush and there "Here's to the Hero's" we were able to get into SeaWorld for free. Yeah.... FREE I bet you all want to joining to military now -huh-

So first we went to see if James was tall enough to ride the Atlantis even though it wasn't open yet. He was, but when it started sprinkling that afternoon we decided not ride it and, we didn't want to drive back to the hotel with wet children.

So off to the penguins. I don't know if Tommy wanted to touch them or if was just climbing the fences. After a closer look he just wanted to climb on, cross over, and go beyond every barrier that was set out for him.

After the penguins we went to see the polar bears. We saw one sleeping. We also saw a walrus. Have you seen one of these for real? They are so big. I had no idea. We only were able to get one picture of a polar bear. No I know what you are thinking.... It would look more real if they had taken the sign off his neck.

After we saw the polar bears and walrus, we went outside to get our strollers (we decided that we could see more if we got a stroller for James and Tommy too) Tommy took off. He wanted so bad to catch the seagulls that were around. The funny thing is, those dang seagulls were so use to people Tommy came so close to actually getting one!

We saw the dolphin show and that was really neat, but I'm horrible at taking pictures like that so all I got were splashes in the water.

We went to see the seals and Tommy really like barking back at them and egging them on.

After that we started getting hungry so looking for a place to eat. On the way we passed by a really big fig tree. That had been there from the beginning. Tommy and James were so excited to get a leaf. (Whales, dolphins, seals, and sharks and they were excited about the leaves)

We found a place to eat, and I swear with what they charge.... that's what keeps these parks in business. I understand now why when I was growing up and we went on family vacations why my mom always packed us a lunch. I can't imagine feeding a family of 9 at SeaWorld. My parents would have had to take out a loan to do it.

So after lunch we went and saw some more dolphins and they came right up to you, I got to touch one! It was so cool! They are really rubbery, but a smooth, slippery rubber.
We stopped at the sting ray pool and got to touch these. They are not shy, they sucked Steve's fingers a couple times.

And I've decided that poor James has my funky smiling problem. You say "James, smile" and he totally cheeses' it!

Here we are waiting to see Shamu and didn't even think how many other people have done this until I saw the pictures... but that's kinda gross....

(the one picture that we were able to get together)

After that we went to go and see the whole reason for SeaWorld.... Yup... Shamu!!!!! We sat in the last row of the splash zone. To be close enough, but not to get wet. Just as the show was starting ..... Tommy fell asleep! That's right... laid down on my lap and fell asleep.

Well, Tommy wasn't the only one to fall asleep. Tim drifted off after the show (at least he waited until after the show) After Shamu, we went over to see and touch the star fish. The first thing the announcer said was "you can touch the starfish but please don't pull them out of the pool" So of course that's the first thing James did. He picked it up and brought it over to me "Look mom, a starfish!" Poor starfish.... I'm sure it happens all the time, thankfully he didn't drop it.

We were getting close to being done but we had to see one last thing. We had to see the tropical fish exhibit (Steve's and James' favorite part.

Well the park was closing at 5pm (I can't believe we made it the whole day!) and after catching Tommy again after he ran off to have one more try at catching the seagulls we were finally done.

So we bid farewell to SeaWorld and a great day as a family. With stuffed Shamu's and lunch buckets we were off.


EmilieAn said...

So love the new do. Very saucy to boot. Well and I must say the goatie is very civilian of you steve. Sexy! Yup. Never guessed I'd be one to be swayed by the Yetti. Yet here I am thinking it's quite fetching. nope down right hot. Well, Kemper has been gone for 10 weeks so that has to be accounted for too. lol.
You're so brave! Which Sea World did you do? TX? CA? I love the things you learned too. I'll remember that. Ooo and the colors to your house. You should post a tour of your new digs.

Mo Bloggin' said...

I like the new haircut, too. It looks like you cot some highlights, too. Is that right or is it just the lighting in the picture? Either way, it looks good.

It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun at Seaworld. I bet it was pretty crazy with all the kids, especially Steve. ha ha ha

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