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Friday, November 30, 2007

Learners permit gone... I got my License!!!!

Of Cooking that is. Ok, so when I was like 14 I totally ruined Rice Krispy Treats. How do you do that? I don't know but I remember the the black crispy balls of burning marshmallows. Since then I have boiled out water and ruined a pot. It wold have been so bad but there was a cinnamon stick in it and it was burned to the bottom of the pan. I've messed up bread.. pretty badly. Screwed up dinner, and many deserts. So how did I get my license?

I turned this....

In to this......

A big TA-DA for me. I didn't use the can pumpkin at all and to top it off it was really good. So there you go. And during it all we only had one mishap.... James wanted to smell the ginger. Well instead of smelling it he blew it, and I had powdered ginger everywhere. Al of a sudden James started crying. He go it into his eyes. So trying to clean them out was fun.... I though of calling the McCormick company and asking them to put a warning on the label that ginger is not to be used for applying to eyes, and suggestions on what to do if you get it in your eyes.
Anyways..... There you go. I'm happy to say that i feel like I can call myself domestic, because I baked a pie!!!! Hooray for me!

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amberacottrell said...

LEAH!! I am so happy that you have a blog too. I have been reading it and it is so fun to see you and your cute family. Thanks for writing on my blog so we could find you. So good job if you were the one to get Carolyn in on the blogging world it is fantastic!! I am impressed with the pie. And I think I might remember the whole burnt rice krispies?? SO FUN!! I am so excited to keep in touch with you like this.

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