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Friday, November 2, 2007

Tim and the Forbidden Fruit

Ok, so with the other boys they never really had a desire to play with all of the forbidden stuff.

Oh ,you know the stuff like trying the dog food. Oh the other boys tried buy after once they never did it again. Tim on the other hand gets into it every time he is outside. I have to put the dog food up really high and sometimes I forget to get it back down.... poor Captain.

Here's another.... the computer. Some how he manages to climb on something to touch it!

Here's one..... I put covers on all the outlets, except the ones that I use all the time. So of course that the one that Tim wants to touch and put his fingers into. Fortunately for all of us and him his fingers have turned into sausages. Do you see the smile... this boy is trouble!

 Ok, this is my personal favorite! There are locks on the cupboard but some how he managed to open it. And this is a daily thing!

My heavens this boy is work.... Good thing he's so cute, so it's not so bad having him around and into EVERYTHING.


Emily said...

Leah, so great to hear from you! I can't believe you have three boys! Is Steve still in the military? Hope all is well! I've linked your blog, so I can keep up with you....Take care, Emily

Brian said...

Tim is the bomb. I think he's going to grow up to be a CIA field operative.

Aunt Michelle said...

So it must run in the family, but one of the boys ie; Benji or Daniel used to sit outside and eat the dog food. It must be a genetic trait. Blame Steve!
Cute Pictures, I miss the boys!

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