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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

4 Years Old!!!!

Can you believe it! James is 4! It really doesn't seem that long ago that we were in Monterey and I was holding my first baby. His big eyes looking up at me and taking in everything that he saw. My Sweet Baby James. Now he's no longer a baby or even a toddler. He's a kid. He is getting so tall and growing out of everything. He is in size 5 in the regular boy section. His body is doing what he is wanting it to do and is able to climb and jump like he wants too. He figures things out by watching others, and by just being fearless enough to try it. (as long as everyone else is doing it first) And my heavens this boy is DRAMA. But it keeps everything very interesting. He loves school and loves to play with his friends. His imagination is blooming and so is his artistic side. He is getting really good at coloring and drawing shapes, and even a few letters. He is so smart, and memorizes easily (so much for skipping pages in our books) He counts and know his letters and the sounds they make. He loves to talk.... more so to hear himself I think.... I wonder where he got that from :) He likes to argue and debate and surprisingly he really good at debating his point. He loves music and singing and dancing. He loves to help with anything. And he loves to help Steve with what ever he is doing.

It's been amazing watching him grow and he has taught me so much. His love is so unconditional and true. His love to learn has given me the opportunity to teach him. His questions are never ending but I don't ever want to see that sparkle for knowledge to go away. He loves to laugh and smile. He wants everyone to be his friend and doesn't ever turn anyone away who wants to play with him. I was blessed with an amazing first child who will go on to do great things.
Happy Birthday James.... I love you!!!
I did a questionnaire with James after his birthday and this is it.
-What do you want to be when you grow up? a Soldier and rich (didn't have the heart to tell him you usually can't have both) He also wants lots of trucks
-Favorite Book of Mormon story? Lehi's Dream (it's got to be because of the trophies)
-Favorite color? Orange, black, green and yellow
-Best friend? Steven Badger and Davy Hunsaker
-Favorite sport? Likes to run jump and play
-favorite toy? Cars and trucks
-Favorite outside toy? Sand Box
-What do you like best at school? Playing with the playdoh
-What do you want to do before you turn 5? get the Priesthood. (had a talk about his and that he had to wait so..) be a Soldier.

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