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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bonding and Cleaning

So I took James and Tommy with me to get Christmas presents for Steve, and because it was rainy and windy I left Tim at home with Steve. Well when I came home Steve had shaved his head! I knew he was going to I just wasn't ready for how funny Tim would look. His baby hair was getting all matted in the back so it needed to come off, well here you go.

Here's the before..
and here is the after... It grows on you after awhile.
Here's another good one, it's kinda blurry, but I love Tim's expression in it. He's got the prettiest blue eyesI guess this is Steve's way of bonding with the boys. Good thing his head is round and not cone shaped.

Here's a question for you.... what do you get when you "Rub-a-dub-dub, three boys in the tub?"
You get a wet floor, and somewhere in there you end up with three clean boys. But I guess that what I was going for. I figured if I filled up the bathtub eventually they would be clean. I don't know about anyone else, but I usually end up with 'little boy soup.' It's kinda gross, the water turns a yellow-gray color. So I just wash them up and empty the water and fill it back up. Because heaven forbid they don't get to play in bathtub.

Clean kids are great, and better than that, clean sleeping kids are the only thing better.


Emily said...

He looks great! Joe shaved Ben's head too, but I was a little sad. He had the cutest curls:)

Aunt Michelle said...

Okay, so I think next year for Halloween you should shave Tim's head again and he could be Doctor Evil! The boys are so cute, I wish I could see them Christmas morning!
Love Aunt Michelle
Merry Christmas

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