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Thursday, December 6, 2007

What you didn't know about Lehi's dream

Ok, so in 1 Nephi of the Book of Mormon there is a story in which Lehi has a dream (1 Nephi 6) We were reading this last night for family scripture reading (this is a favorite in our house hold - "please mom can we read about the fruit!") So we start reading it and James proceeds to tell us that he wants to go to the building. For those who don't know the building represents those who turn away from the Church and the love of Christ. Well here is our conversation....

James: I want to go to the building.
Dad: Why James? Mom and Dad are going to the Tree
Tommy: I'm eat fruit
James: But the building is fun.
Dad: You'll be all alone because mommy and daddy, Tommy and Tim are going to the tree.
Tommy: I don't love the building
James: Look, the building is big and tall.
Dad: Ok, James, we'll miss you.
James: But dad, the building has trophies

Ok, so what do you say to that. How can you beat trophies? So there you go, the building has trophies, and apparently that's what draws the 4 year olds in.

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Jen & The Boys said...

Trucks, trophies - that's all the 4 year olds want. Perhaps if the fruit tasted like candy????

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