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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween....Whatever...

Well, Happy Halloween to you all. And yeah, it's over. So does everyone else have issue with getting there kids into costumes? Tommy was actually really good this time, but James took 30 minutes and two pieces of candy before he would even consider putting his costume on. Tim did not like having anything on and just cried when I put the dragon head over his.
We painted pumpkins for FHE on Monday. Painted you ask.... Yeah, Tommy has a weird fascination with knives so they are kept what out of his reach, and it's fun to watch them go wild with paint.

I didn't get any good pictures of the three boys together with costumes so this is what we got.
So after many tears and a handful of candy given for no good reason other than for my satisfaction of the boys wearing the costumes that I want them to wear, waiting for about a half hour for Steve to come home, forgetting what time the "trunk 'or' treat" was starting so the kids ended up with toast and a banana for dinner..... we finally left the house.
We came home and went to a couple houses around the neighborhood, and decided to make our way back to the house once Tim started getting really tired and when James and Tommy started walking into people's houses wanting to see what toys they had. Good thing I was standing right there.

So here we are and all children are in bed and I think the boys made out pretty well.

Here's to another Halloween, and the start of the holiday season (because we know all the Christmas stuff is out already) and maybe, just maybe I'll start on a rocket costume for next year for James.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

First attempt at Halloween Costumes

James had a Halloween party at school, and you could dress up. James was a willing participant with putting the costume on as soon as he knew he could have a sword. Tommy on, the other hand, went kicking and screaming into his costume, once in he was really cute.
James is Robin Hood (at least that's what he relates it to), but he looks a lot like a hobbit. Tommy is suppose to be Little John, but I decided he looks like a pirate. And Tim is a dragon. We bought the dragon costume for James' first Halloween and loved it, so it's had a good go around.

Jen made James' costume for last year, and James would not wear it. So I figured I would have him wear it this year. Hopefully we can get some better pictures for Halloween of the boys.

I wanted to share this one last picture. This is Tommy if he doesn't get a nap in the afternoon. He'll fall asleep at the table. This happens weekly.

Friday, October 26, 2007

More bars in more places

So we went to the pumpkin patch with James' preschool class. It was a lot of fun for the boys. If I had my third arm it would have been easier but.... such is life.

There was a "Pumpkin School" where all the kids learned about all the different kinds of pumpkins. The two boys were quite interested but Tim didn't really care about learning about the white 'ghost' pumpkins and the pie pumpkins. So we went out to see the animal.

While we were out at the animals with the rest of the class we learned things about goats and pigs. We also learned that the pigs that were out there were going to be ham and bacon after Thanksgiving.

After searching for about 15 minutes (and picking up and testing many pumpkins) James finally found the one that he wanted. Tommy tested his pumpkins by seeing if they bounce, fortunately, Tommy is not that far off the ground so we didn't have any broken pumpkins around the field.

Well at the end of the field trip (after a walk through the grass maze) we ended with buying the pumpkins. Tommy couldn't carry his pumpkin all the way to the barn so I took it for him. This is while I'm holding Tim and his pumpkin as well. I'm sure I looked ridiculous trying to not drop any one or anything.

Yeah for the "Great Pumpkin"!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Tommy, I love you

Ok, so I really have very cute kids. James and Tommy where laying on the couch yesterday watching a movie, and I hear James say "Tommy, I love you", just out of the blue and than Tommy saying "I love you too"

Well, it's getting closer and closer to Halloween. And do you want to know what James' want to be..... a rocket! But I'm going to try to get him to wear the costume that Jen made for him last year and didn't wear. I'm going to buy a sword and try to bribe him with it to wear the dang costume. I have no idea yet for Tommy I'm going today to see what I can come up with, and I have a dragon costume for Tim. hopeful it will all go over well this year.
Not a whole lot has happen this past week. Just same old same old.... Tim happily screaming every chance he gets. (and lately crying because he is cutting two more teeth) Tommy running around wanting to "do it myself". And James, getting ready for the primary program. Which by the way he did really well on! The last two practices that they had he wouldn't even sing the songs let alone get up and say his part. But yesterday, he stood up and sang, said his part, and.... wanted to do it three of four more times. the only down part wast that the Stake presidency and the Bishopric were still sitting on the stand and they put the Sunbeams right behind the Stake Presidency, so we saw only James' head most of the time, but he did peek between two heads to wave hi to us.
The boys love it when Steve throws them around and they always come back for more. and right now Tommy is just the right size for throwing. He's light enough to be thrown high and far. And it's a pretty good work out for Steve. And don't worry... Captain is always there to make sure things don't get out of control, and to step in when necessary.

Well, here's to another week. And to hoping that I can get all of the kids into the costume that I want them to wear for one last year.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I would jump....

Well I decided to get on the bandwagon of Blogging. So as for the title of my first post.... (As we all heard many times as a child) "Would you jump off a bridge if all of your friends were doing it too?" Me? Probably.... I'm hoping this will help me to keep more connected with friends and family, and make me take more pictures of the boys, to share. Not a whole lot is going on. We are finally back to normal (as much as possible) after Benji's death. (Steve's brother Benji died in a helicopter crash in September) Having someone close to you die really makes you evaluate yourself and you life. So our new motto is "Live With Purpose" We are not going to sit around and wait for life to happen, we are going to go out and make the world catch up to us.

(Back to normal)....James is back in preschool after having fall break.... when did that happen? I don't remember getting a fall break. He is loving school and all of his friends. He got to ride the bus to the library, and next week they go to the pumpkin patch. Painting is his favorite thing to do in school, as well as play in the sandbox. He is also going to be a boob man.... (this is Michelle, Steve's sister) He will never live this picture down.

Tommy right now is the epitome of the TWO!!! He is so sweet in the morning, but by the time getting dressed comes around all I hear is 'I do it' it takes forever for him to get his cloths on. He torments the other boys by taking toys away, fights with the boy across the street (well they torment each other to the point of tears) and when he is in time out..... I ask him to apologies to whom ever and then he can come out, he has sat up to 45 min, being so stubborn!!!! AHHHHHH I don't know if you can see it but this is Tommy with his first black eye. How did he get it? Good question.... there where a bunch of kids over the night before, and when he woke up this is what we had.
Tommy is really a sweet kid, but boy, oh, boy do we have our moments. He is also our comic relief.... he is so funny. He sings at during dinner, has to have his hat on a certain way and is always trying to tell jokes.

Tim..... Oh, my baby boy. I can't believe it's been a year!!!! I sent an email out before but I'll just say it again.... he started out as 3 lbs. 7 oz. and now is

25 POUNDS!!!!
He actually out weighed Tommy when Tommy was a year old. He crawls around and pulls him self up on everything, and has started climbing what he can. He gets into everything, and is pretty much as stubborn as Tommy. He loves to eat (as you can tell).

Well that's all for now. Steve wanted to be on the blog too, but he'll have to wait until next time.

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