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Thursday, February 28, 2008

2 down 1 to go!!!

So do you notice anything different about Tommy? (other than his really great looks) Yes... That is UNDERWEAR that he is wearing!!!! We are almost a week of having him potty trained and it was so easy!!!! I really dreaded training him because James was a nightmare! (Thanks to Em I got through it) But it just really clicked with Tommy. So I'm excited, not only to have to only change one butt, but the money that I'll save on diapers!

It's great having TWO big boys!!!! (I guess three if you count Steve)

(ps... Steve thought it was time to get Tommy a "real" hair cut, but I miss the skater look on him.Maybe we'll grow it back out. But either way he's really cute.)

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Jen H said...

OK so first off, way to go TOMMY!! Woo hoo! Maybe his and James's potty-ness will rub off on Davy while they're here. He just doesn't care. Well, I think he does care, but he doesn't want to go potty unless he can be perfect at it the first time. The "trying" is lost on him.

Second, I never would have recognized that picture as being Tommy. I just saw him at Thanksgiving! I can't believe how much like James he looks.

Can't wait to see you guys!

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