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Friday, February 8, 2008

Slow News Day.

Not a whole lot is going on and as we wait for our 74 degrees weather tomorrow (which I will post about) I though I would lighten the mood with some funny things from the boys.

Well last night Steve went in to take James to the bathroom before we went to bed. He called me in to see what had happen. I walk in there and we find James NAKED. He is sound asleep so trying to get an answer from him is hard. We though maybe he peed and just got out of his wet clothes, but no. He and his sheets were dry, we found his jammies in the bathroom. I guess he got up by himself and instead of pulling his pants back up, he just steped out of them. If that was the case, I'm still not sure how/why his shirt was off. I guess the "world will never know"

I have a box that is in my kitchen with note cards in it. When the boys say something funny or cute or just something I want to remember, I jot it down and throw it in the box. Because it's in the kitchen, it handy and with in reach. Well, here are a couple from teh boys that are really cute. (A couple from Tommy, more from James)

-Instead of saying "Honey bunches of Oats" He asks for "Honey Bunches of Boats"
-When I took Tommy for his 2-year check up the doctor asked him whe his name was, and Tommy very clearly tells him it's "Mater"
-When I'm laying down Tommy likes to "nuggle" with me.
-Instead of saying something like "ouch, that really hurts" Tommy has started saying "Ouch...Double Ouch!"

-James and I were looking at flashcards one day and I held up one and James "Look, is a Leah-bug" (instead of lady bug)
-We were coming home from chruch and I guess James was having a bad day because Tommy started being silly and clucking like a chicken and James turned to Tommy and said "I don't want to listen to chicken noises"
-We were dropping a note off to Steve and we passed by some soldiers in formation and James says "Mom, Soldiers make me proud"
-While Tim was still in the NICU, I was talking to James about his brother. He turned to me and said mom, " I'm going to teach Tim to eat cake"
-James learned the word 'spectacular', and I guess that was his word of the day. "Dad, these cheese burgers are 'spectacular'," "Mom, this is just spectacular!"
-We were sitting at the table for dinner one night and James looked kind of sad so I asked him what was wrong and he said "My ears are worried"
-I guess James is listening in Primary because he asked me "Mom, if these are the last days, what are the First days?"
-One afternoon we were all playing together and James wanted to see Steve's Belly Belly (his belly button) He lifed up Steve's shirt and said with surprise "Daddy! You have crumbs in your Belly Belly!" (Yes, James found some belly button lint)

The boys definatley keep me on my toes with what comes out of there mouths. Most of the time I have to laugh, or try not to laugh when they are being serious. So I hope these make you smile as they have me.


Joseph a. said...

Those were great, I had a good laugh!


kids are so fun:) James sounds funny:)....so..... i cannot beleive you haven't read twilight... here's the thing in the 6 years i have been married i have read 3 books... twilight, new moon and eclipse... and i read them in 2 days... they are an EASY FAST read... so i know your busy... but i'm telling you they are sooooo good. you have to read them and then we can talk all about them:) and book four is in auguast?):)))) my sis in law made me jump on the wagon and i'm so glad i did... so prepare your kids to be ignored and your house to go to pot for 2 days... cause once you start you can't stop but you MUST read them! they are soo good;)can you tell i'm obsessed:)

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