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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Oh, What a Beatiful Day!

(Ok, to start with this is only funny because we found James naked the night before.... I went in to the boys' room to check on them and I look and see that Tommy has taken off his bottoms and his diaper and is laying half naked in his bed. Not wet or anything, just naked. Not exactly sure why, but there you go)

So yesterday was BEAUTIFUL!!!! The sun was shining and the birds were chirpping, and the children were happy to be outside. So to start things off I went for a 2.8 mile run and realized that the shoes that I has were 7 years old. (gasp, I know) So I needed new shoes. The shoes I got are so cool and really hot.

They are black with shiny blue stripes. I'm really looking forward to taking them out for a run. So they just played outside in the morning and after naps we went to the park to play.

Here we have James and Tommy playing the the dirt. Now during the winter time everything dies and usually stays that way until the rainy season. During that time Sierra Vista is so green and really pretty. Anyway... the boys found the only dirt area in teh entire park it was about 2.5 feet around. Just like puddles, leave it to my boys to find the dirt.

So I watching the boys and all of a sudden I see a random shoe...

I looked around and here are the feet that the shoes belong to. The dirt kept getting into his shoes and decided that not only did the dirt bother him but that his feet "needed the sun" (Tommy is definately my child)

So Tim's independence is driving me crazy. From now (16 months) until about 20-22 months is the scary times for moms and the child that likes to play on the park equipment. And that is where Tim is at, he see's his brothers climbing and playing and thinks he needs to do it too.

OK, this is Tim going up the steps....
And this is Tim going down the stairs... Does anyone else see the problem with this?

And as always Captain is around to keep an eye on the boys. He's a great dog and climbs with the boys and goes down the slides with them.
So here is to the close to a great (sunny, warm, 74 degree) day. Looking forward to the longer warmer days that are up and coming.


Nick, Erika and Rozilyn said...

leah I just love reading your posts! so I had your blog up and rozzi just loves that walking on sunshine song she threw a fit when I turned it off to write a comment! Love you!

Katrina said...

I miss Sierra Vista!! I am so sick of the snow! We had another storm earlier this week. I have never dreamed of living somewhere warmer more than I am right now. AHHH! I want to move!

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