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Friday, June 20, 2008

Water, water every where

The boys had a water fight (and Tommy even got all wet) I think I got some really good pictures. I thought I would share with you all the fun that was had that day. Isn't it fun to watch how much great fun you can have with a cup and some water..

(Tommy was in his Super suit, until it was wet and I made him take it off because is was so wet, he promptly put it back on when he came in.)

Here Tim is just playing..... and then Tommy comes up from behind. I don't think Tim was expecting that.

Here we have "Pier Le Tommy" Believe it of not, he is getting cleaner, slowly but surely he is.
And now we have another installment of....
T.I.M.H. (Thoughts In My Head)
After Tim Russert died, I heard some one say some things. About what a great person he was and a great new person, "he always got right to the hard questions" they went on to say other things. It was then said " We are going to have a great night of laughing and fun, because that's what Tim would want." Well I was thinking does anyone, want people to be miserable after they die? Does anyone really know? Now think what do you want people to do when you go? Party? Mourn? Eat? Well after much thought and careful consideration this is want I want...
I want people to eat sushi, chocolate cupcakes, and Now and Laters. (No funeral potatoes, or casseroles please) I want people to dance the Macerena, and the Boot Scootin' Boogie. And every picture that is taken at the luncheon, I want everyone to have their finger in their nose. There you have it people. See I figure while you are all partying after I'm gone at least I'll get a good laugh.
(You are all thinking about how the dances go aren't you?)


Cayde and Brianna Taylor Family said...

Great thoughts definatly should be put in your book :) So I totally need to invest in a pool. That is a must. Those pictures are wonderful! So When are you coming up and how are long are you going to play with us? I am so excited. My boys are ready for the fun. Before they were a little unsteady and shaky but now they are solid and ready to wrestle with the best. I am glad. I think you should move up for the whole year that Steve is gone. Yes. I think that is a great idea.

The Scott Family said...

I love these pictures. Every parent needs some good underwear pictures to blackmail with during the teenage years!

Jen H said...

Yea for kiddy pools! I'm right there with you on the chocolate and sushi. Although for your funeral we're going to hire a sushi master to hand roll them while people wait. None of this platter o' generic sushi. Be sure to add the cha cha slide too. Your message was cutting in and out today. Call me later.

Telisse and Kade said...

Killer picture taking skills! Way fun and totally love this time of year so many fun things to do outside.

The Scott Family said...

I know I already left a comment but I ran out of time and just came back and read the end part. I promise I'll pick my nose at your funeral!

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