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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Animals all day long

I took the boys to the Zoo today I went with a girlfriend and her son. It was a lot of fun to watch to boys see all the animals. James really wanted to see the giraffe, so we made our way there. And we got there right when they were feeding time. The boys really liked this. they gave each of the boys a giraffe bisect, Tim promptly begin to eat it. I tried to get him to give it to the giraffe, but hew wanted to eat it, so I took it away and fed the giraffe. Their tongue is so weird!!
The cool thing about the Tucson Zoo is that they are not over loaded with animals so each one has a great habitat and the animals are probably as close as you can get. The peacocks they let loose so they are just walking around. Of course Tommy wants to catch the birds so they all had quite a work out while we were at the zoo.
Here is the best picture I got of all 4 boys. What do you expect with 4 wiggly boys?!

Here we have James (trying really hard not to look to interested), Tommy (oh, I mean Superman), Gabe (he thinks he was born into the wrong family), and Tim )who is just happy he is out of the stroller)

One thing that was really cool was the polar bears. A group of kids got to go down and put jelly, and cream cheese all over there area. So we got to watch the bears eating all the stuff. it was kinda cool watching them. They are so big!! And when they stand up. Holy cow!!
Here is a picture I took of Tim while we were waiting for James and Tommy to go to the bathroom. I tell you this because Tommy did the funniest thing. So the boys went into the bathroom and because my kids love public bathrooms (what is that all about) Tommy decided that he needed to poop. Tommy has to strip down to do this. So we are waiting for Tommy, then all of a sudden I hear laughter from a bunch of other kids that are there as a field trip. I look over and see Tommy standing there confused that he couldn't see us from around the kids. There he is standing with his Superman shirt on holding his cape, one shoe, and his underwear. So there Tommy is standing half naked out in the open. I send Tommy over to Amy to have her help him get dressed while I find his shorts and other shoe. I go into the boys bathroom and Tommy's shorts were in the stall and the stall was locked. I had to have James crawl under to get the shorts and unlock the stall. By far that was the most interesting that has ever happen while I've been at the zoo!

Here are some other pictures that I took that day.
Tommy, James, and Gabe tormenting a bird.

They have a little water area for the kids to play in. James is the only one that thought this was a good idea.
Trying one more time to get a picture of all 4 boys. It was a fun day, and really pretty. It was hot but the shade was really nice and the breeze was perfect. All in all it was a great trip!

Here are happenings the past week...

I have this treadmill that I got for free. (Go Freecycle.com) and with Steve being gone I decided to use it. Awhile ago I saw one of the boys put something into my treadmill so I thought I would check to see before I got on it what all was in it. So here is the treadmill....
And here is what I found inside the treadmill....
So note to everyone, treadmills hold a lot of toys.

I have a couple friends and we send gifts back and forth to each other and to the kids. Well Emilian sent the boys paintable chalk. They had so much fun with it, so thanks Em!

So the paint was fun. Tim was stripped down and hosed off before coming into the house. We had fun and it was nice to leave the mess outside.

One of the parks we go to has a little water area. James had a great time.... Tim not so much, and Tommy not at all...


Jen H said...

I'm totally in love with the Superman count. The only way I could get Davy out of his Spiderman jammies was to buy him a Spiderman t-shirt to wear when I was washing the Spiderman jammies. Fortunately, he's discovered that it's okay to have an alternate identity during the day...
Love you guys! Wish we were the ones you were going to the zoo with!

Cayde and Brianna Taylor Family said...

I echo Jen with the wishing to go to the zoo with your little zoo. :) As for the many toys in the treadmill. We have this flower pot looking thing hanging from the raidiator in our hotel room and I noticed Jaron playing with it yesterday I look inside and not only was there old dirty water from who knows how many tenants back but there was my mascara, our floss and a toy truck floating on the top. Maybe it's a boy thing to find a secret lair. I guess that goes along with the whole superman and spiderman thing. I love it ! Also the picture of James bending over playing in the water is SOOO precious. I love it and YOU!

The Scott Family said...

I am so jealous right now. I LOVE zoos. It looks like such a blast! Very cute pictures.

The Scott Family said...

Ha ha- I just saw your little thing wondering how long Superman will be with you. Very funny. You need to add five more days if he is still there!

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