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Sunday, June 1, 2008

What a Week

So Steve has been gone almost a week. And we have been keeping busy. That's what I like, and I have been blessed with the best boys who let me drag them around with me. So we had a pretty mellow day Tuesday after we dropped Steve off since he had to be at the airport at 6:00am (so we had to leave the house at 5:00)

Then on Wednesday we went to the park to play. That afternoon I decided to go to Walmart and get a pool for the boys to play in. So I got the boys up from there naps, got dinner put in the oven (meat loaf) and went to the store. I figured this would be an in and out thing. Boy was I wrong!!! The pool was bigger than I thought it was. After I paid for it, I put the boys in car and drove around to the front where the pools were stacked up. I knew it was big, but I didn't realize how big. So after trying to smoosh it in the van I tried moving the boys so I could put the seat down and tried again to push it in the van. Finally a random man who on his way home from work stopped to help this crazy women with three kids and a big pool. If you are thinking why didn't you just call someone.... well remember this was going to be a quick trip. I left the phone on the counter or I would have called a friend with a truck. Anyways, this man suggested to put it on top of the car well great idea but I didn't have any thing to tie it down with and I wasn't going to park the car again, get all the boys out again, and deal with (now)5:00 pm shoppers at walmart. So this nice man went in to buy some rope. Well after about 30 minutes of trying to tie it down, we had it. That is until we pulled hard to tighten all the knots and the rope.. ok, string broke! so this man, who by this time I found out his name was Jim. Went back in to get some real rope to tie down this pool of ours. I'm sure that I looked ridiculas driving down the road at 10 mph (and I have no idea where my flashers are, I guess I"m going to have to study the manual) trying to get this pool home with out it blowing off the top of my car. Finally!!!!! we got it home!

So I get home (an hour later than I wanted) the boys are hungry and tired of being in the car and I bet that you all could guess that dinner was very burnt! So do you think it was worth it???
I do!!!!
Here are some more pool pictures over the past couple days.

Do you see that belly on Tim!! In the one he is playing in the puddle on the back porch, he likes his reflection. And in the other again playing with his reflection. He doesn't like to get in he just like to splash on the outside.

James had a great time in the pool and it was all I could do to get his bathing suit out fast enough for him to change into. (the other boy is Gabe, and he only like to sit on the steps)
This is the only picture over this past week I got of Tommy in the pool. He has had an ulterior identity for the past 5 days. Do you want to see what it is? Hang on while I have Tommy step into the phone booth....
This is day 2 of wearing his "Superman jammies" I was finally able to get them off of him to wash them, but then he put them right back on. He tells me all day that he is a "super hero!" And asking, "Do super heros watch movies?" "Do super heros like to eat lunch?"

Saturday we went to a little sports camp that I signed the boys up for. They learn baseball, soccer and basketball over 6 weeks. Tim just hung out in the stroller. (it's only an hour) James had a great time. He is a fast runner and did really good hitting the ball off the Tee. Super Man on the other hand enjoyed looking at the grass and picking me "flowers" (clovers). He had fun hitting the ball, but that was about all. Hopefully it will get better, but it gets us out of the house early on Saturday.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.... it was a normal Sunday, which involves the boys being up and the crack of dawn. Ok so more like 5:30.... we went down stairs to watch some church movies. Well the boys did while I tried to sleep a little longer. Tommy wanted to wear his Super Man Jammies to church, but we compromised on wardrobe after he spilt OJ on his jammie shorts. Keep in mind that we all pick our battles and this was one that I didn't feel like fighting.
So Church pants and Superman shirt (with cape mind you) and we left all happy and smiles.

Here is one last picture of James. Man he inherited my bad cheesy smile!!!
What is that?


swalberg family said...

I am dying at the superman shirt with church pants! What a cutie. I always love to see little boys at the store in their superhero outfits and girls in their princess clothes- it makes me smile every time! My boys love superheroes too, and the best part is telling them that they LOVE vegetables so they can be strong like them!! ;)

Eliza said...

I know plenty of little kids that like to play superhero...but I have never seen them dressed up like it at church. I love it!! Your boys are so great and I love the video in my head of you getting the pool to fit in the van. You are amazing. Love you and miss you tons!!

Christy said...

What a great story! Sounds like something that would TOTALLY happen to me. :) What a great man to help you. I Love when people do that . And yes, I LOVED the superman costume at church. Sometimes you just gotta let em.

The Scott Family said...

Okay, what would I give to be in your ward last Sunday? That's is hilarious. I love how each child is so one-of-a-kind and wonderful in their own way.

I am so sorry to say that I can understand the pool situation. I hate those times. Those are the ones that just about push me over the edge. You are my hero for not leaving the pool there and having your husband go get it later or something. At least they hada ton of fun!

Lucy said...

what good looking boys you have, Leah!! :)

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