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Sunday, November 2, 2008

A family of Supers

This Halloween was great! (Especially compared to last year) Everyone was happy with their costumes and there was no bribing to get them into it. James was even happy not being a rocket. So as you can see, we are a family of "Supers!" I have a Batman, a Superman, and Spiderman, so what does that make me? You got it.... SuperMom!! (Complete with a cape, a tierra, and striped tights)

The day started off taking James to school. He wasn't allowed to wear a costume to school (that's another issue) but they could have crazy hair. James wanted orange, black and green. I couldn't find green, so he settled for blue.

I found James' costume in the toy department, ie cheaper than buying it in the costume area. (will be great for dress up)

Tommy's costume was another easy buy... Jammies' from Target. Complete with cape and light up "S". (Winter jammies for Tommy) Did you see the dark hair on Tommy. I sprayed it black for that "real" Superman look.

Tim didn't really have an opinion this year, so I made him Spiderman. Now I couldn't find a costume small enough for him, and even if I did I wasn't about to spend $20 on a costume that he would wear once! So he got a red a sweatsuit with spiderwebs all over it. I thought it turned out really good. (Again, jammies for Tim)
Here we are on our way out to Trick or Treat. Tim had lots of practice at the Trunk or Treat at the church two day before, and totally liked the idea of saying "Trick or Treat" and getting candy.The boys were really excited to go around the neighborhood, and....

Tim tagged along behind.
So the boys totally made out in the candy department!!! And being the god mom that I am I took the candy to look through it and make sure it was safe. Well I definitely had some problems and had to take out all the Butterfingers, Laffy Taffys, and Skittles. Don't worry there is still plenty left.

Here are some fun pictures that I had that I wanted to share.

James and his crazy hair. He really like it, and I must say, it kinda grew on me too.
Here is Tommy, and I must say, this mom defiantly prefers blonds

And here is Tim at the Trunk or Treat, you don't know it but he is having a fit. Tim is really funny, when he has a fit, he lays down and then crys. He has hurt himself before by throwing himself on the ground so he's pretty careful now. And the funny thing is he moved to the sidewalk to finish the fit he was having. I guess the grass was itching him. He keeps me smiling...even when he's having issues.
Here's to next year.... Happy Halloween!!!!


Camie said...

They all look great and I'm sure they had a great time! I love your supermom idea.....tiarra and all!

Cayde and Brianna Taylor Family said...

You definitly are the super mom! I love the ideas for the costumes. It looks like the boys made out pretty good. Cayde and I took the boys around the trunk or treat and we were loaded up with two full bags of candy for Cayde and I. We took it all to a party and shared. What a great holiday! Love you!

The Scott Family said...

I love the pajama idea! That's smart. Their hair looks awesome. What a cute family of supers.

Christy said...

Love the costumes! What a super mom. Now that Brad's been gone for a couple weeks I see your blog with a whole new perspective. I don't know how you do it all with a smile. I hated Halloween this year. Brad was always in the details and clean up. I wish it could all just be the fun.
You and your kids are soooo cute.

Christine Rowley said...

Cute costumes! That was a good idea for your costume!

Emily said...

I love the super family! So are so smart to use the pajamas for a costume- I'm so doing that next year!

Connie said...

I am loving the hair on the boys. And you really are SuperMom! Cute ideas!

Hey- email me your address so I can put you guys on my Christmas card list!

petezgal at hotmail dot com

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