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Thursday, December 25, 2008

HO, HO, HO, Merry Christmas!!! Our festivities started with seeing Santa at the mall... can I tell you... DISAPPOINTING! I took a couple pictures and then... nothing. That's right nothing. So we left. {Do you see the faces of the boys}

On to better things! James was really worried that Santa wouldn't be able to come in our house because we didn't have a fireplace. So we made one. And what is a fireplace without stockings? So we added those, but not until they dried for a day. Tommy wanted to make mountains with his glitter glue.

Fortunately, Santa came back to redeem himself Christmas Eve. {Notice Tommy's cap}
The biggest treat of the evening was Steve reading "T'was the Night Before Christmas" That's one of our traditions Christmas Eve, and it was one that we didn't want to miss. So the phone was on speaker while Steve read and the boys looked at the pictures. {you can see the phone in Tommy's hand}
Christmas morning started bright and early. {much to early for me, and the boys could not be talked into snuggling for any amount of time} So we made our way down stairs to excitement and joys of Christmas morning.
I tried to get the boys to stay in one general area so that the video camera could be on them. Isn't this picture of Tim just great!
After presents we had breakfast. The rule about Christmas breakfast is that you have to eat a muffin and a piece of fruit, and then it's free game to what ever anyone wants to eat {the ginger bread house, chocolate from the stockings, and candy canes from the Christmas tree}. Christmas Eve I spent the day baking.... muffins, and cinnamon rolls, which my the way if they are WAY better if you add the carmel bottom to them, so we has a lot to eat.

As you can see Tommy ate his muffin and fruit and attacked the ginger bread house. Well no the house really just the candy on the house.
Here is James being James. When ever I ask him to look at me, he turns and looks at me with his huge eyes, opened even wider.
Here is Tommy attacking the ginger bread house. {What am I going to do with him?}

Because I don't sew, even though I wish I did.... maybe I should learn. Anyways, my mom made the boys these fabulous pj's and matching quillows to go with. Well what a great time to take some cute pictures. Here are the boys being serious

Here is a good one by the Christmas tree.

Here is the true essence of my children. Looking at the camera with their finder in there nose. The picture only a mother can love.

All in all it was a really good day, and the boys were completely worn out at the end of the day. Curled up in their new blankets and jammies watching a movie. It was a day filled with fun, smiles and laughter.

...The ginger bread house never stood a chance...


Mackey Family said...

Merry Christmas!!!! Your boys are priceless in all their pictures. I especially like the one where they all have their fingers up their noses. Nothing like kids!!! You are such a good mom to spend your day baking and doing all that "domesticated" stuff! You have such a sweet family!!

Lucy said...

I love the before, during and after pictures of the gingerbread house! :) So funny!! Hoping that next year, your hubby can be with you!


i agree santa at the mall is a dissapointment. looks like a fun filled holiday.... cute chrismas card!! my boys loved the superhero picturess..... and i had to laugh about your little guy wearing his all the time. that sounds just like coby!! p.s. i must have just missed it but how long has your hunny been in afghanistan? and he's there until septmeber?? hope your hanging in there!

Nikki said...

Cute pictures of the boys. You are so creative. I loved your fireplace and stockings. I enjoy reading your blog for ideas and for all it has to offer. Hope you have a Great New Year....

The Scott Family said...

I always LOVE reading your posts. How sweet that Steve read the story on speaker. I love all the pictures. What fun memories!

Alexis said...

Love the hats, those are priceless! I so love the candies missing it is so what what would happen in my house.

I love your header I always say yup even the fish is boy, I just can't win ;).

Hi from SITS.

Emily said...

I think you deserve the Mother of the Year award! You are an amazing gal!!

Glad you and your boys had a Merry Christmas!

Whitney said...

It looks like you had a wonderful holiday!! I'm glad that your husband got to call and that he is safe and sound!!

And how creative are YOU?! You made a fireplace. You are truly an awesome mama.

Emily said...

Merry Christmas! I left our gingerbread house out for about 24 hours before I finally laid it to rest. Looks like everyone had a fun day!

Chitown Meg said...

Hi there- thanx for you comment! I can't believe how many boys you have to contend with :) Bless you!

LORI said...


Joy said...

Leah ~ thanks so much for stopping by earlier; it's nice to meet you. :O)

Your photos are priceless; those boys are adorable. And how clever to "create" a fireplace for Santa!

Grand Pooba said...

Your hubby calls and reads the Night Before Christmas? How cool is that!

Okay, what are quillows?

Tranquility said...

They must have known that the first Santa just wasn't the real thing!

Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas!


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