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Friday, December 19, 2008

***{The Wise Men}***

The thing I admire most about the Wise Men is there faith. They probably heard these stories handed down from tradition (a lot like the Nephites) and they believed that the Savior would come. Then after seeing the star in the heavens they departed to find the "King of Kings."

The term "Wise Men" is so appropriate, how many of us would notice a new star? They were aware of what was happening, and following the story that had been handed down sought out the child. It makes me wonder, how aware am I to the signs and wonders that I see. Do I take notice or do I shrug it off? When I do notice do I act on it?

"...the Wise Men. Of all the stories associated with the birth, their story intrigues me most. They must have had scriptures or an oral tradition that prophesied of Christ’s birth, or they would not have recognized the sign or known where to go once they saw it. We are told they saw the sign in the East and then traveled west to Judea. It was a long journey, and once in Jerusalem they began to inquire, “Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him” (Matt. 2:2).

News of their inquiries concerning a king reached Herod, and he sent for them. He was troubled by prophecies that another would rule Israel—after all, wasn’t he the king of this land? But the Wise Men knew that he was not the king they sought. After they left, they followed the star until they reached Jesus, and there they presented their gifts to Him.

And what marvelous gifts they were! We don’t really know how many Wise Men came, but tradition claims three because there were three gifts: gold, the metal of kings and symbol of a celestial world because of its refined purity; frankincense, used in making incense that was burned on the temple altar as a symbol of prayers arising and connecting God and man; and myrrh, an aromatic gum used to make incense, perfume, and ointment for embalming. I remembered a picture of a myrrh plant and was startled anew by its spike like thorns. Even at the Christ child’s tender age, the gifts given Him bore testimony of who He was and what He would do. Gold for the King of Kings, frankincense for the Mediator between God and man, myrrh for the body that would be buried for us." (Ensign 1998, "The Bread of Life")

Again I wonder, what gifts am I bringing to the Lord. Are they truly acceptable for a king? Am I giving my all to him?

These men set out on a journey to find their Savior, and to bring them the most precious gifts they had, am I doing the same?

(picture again by Liz Lemon Swindler)


Anna. xo. said...

Popping over from SITs - love this analysis, it's always so nice to be reminded of what happened and what we should be doing, but fail miserably at times!

LORI said...


Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

Came by from SITS! Wanted to thank you for reminding everyone of the true Spirit of the Season!

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