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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Funky Feet

**Caution - those with a feet phobia, just scroll to the bottom to see some cute pictures***

I had no idea when I married Steve that I married into a family with funny feet. Now I'm not going to name some of the names as to protect the people and there feet.... After running for miles this family member lost a couple toe nails (gross). And another has a pinky toe that doesn't touch the ground. I really wish I had a picture of this because it's pretty wild. And yet, there is another who has a big toe that is huge!! Then there is another... (you might know who this is) who has two webbed toes. And then there are my kids. Tommy has freakishly long toes (as seen from above) And he has since he was born. I swear that kid could peel a banana with his toes they are so long. And... on one foot his third toe is longer than his first two. (sorry about the shadow on the picture) Freaky I tell you.
And then there is Tim. His toes are more stumpy then Tommy's and he has webbed toes too. Like father like son. (oops did that come out?) Crazy I know!!

Ok as promised, for those with feet phobias, here are some pictures of the boys.
On Sunday we made gingerbread cookies. Tommy was playing with the flower after we were done cutting out the cookies. He had a great time, making a mess.

James and Tommy are in a little preforming group called "Show Biz Kids" and they do the song "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause" and for that song they are in little night gowns and bed caps and look really cute.
James has a speaking part and because he is still working on some of his annunciation we had to change his part a little bit. One of the words "minstrel" and it kept coming out "menstrual" so we just took it out.
When we left the dress rehearsal Tommy asked if he could wear his night gown to bed that night. (he's going to have to wait until after all the performances, which he is looking forward too)

While we eating after the dress rehearsal and some costumes were still being made. I took there whit shirts off to keep them clean. Tommy needed a bow tie for one of his songs, so one was made and it was tried on. And well, I hope this picture does not mean a future career choice for him....


Tiffany said...

That last picture is killing me... hysterical.

Emily said...

Now that is funny stuff.

Cute, Cute boys.

Diane said...

Wish we could have been there for that. It looks like it would have been darling. The boys are cute as ever.

EmilieAn said...

I don't have them. Buy webbed toe thing really help with the swimming thing.

Terri said...

Where are the other feet pics? You know, the ones you were talking about - LOL! I didn't know about the feet in this family before I married in either.

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