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Sunday, April 5, 2009

I almost forgot... the bowling!

To think that I almost forgot the bowling we did!?! After we went to the beach, we went back to the hotel to shower and rest. After that we were all getting a little antsy, so we decided to go bowling. James has been asking to go and so we thought why not now.

For those of you who have NOT bowled in California, you are probably use to the regular, {sometimes stinky} bowling ally. You know, the kind that have the bowling team down o one end, the shoes smell so you wonder if you should exchange them {for a smaller size because they don't have any more of you size} or just live with the stinkiness. Then there are the kids being really rowdy at the other end. Oh, and lets not forget the pizza... pretty much it's store bought and was popped in the microwave.

Well this was NOT how this experience of bowling was. We went in and got our lane. Walked over to the next section to get our shoes, and they had all sizes!! Small enough for Tim and {much to the husband's delight} big enough for him {and his ginormous size 14's}. After we got our shoes and balls... because you picked them out together. The people took them to our lane!! We didn't have to lug everything over, it was taken over for us. The bumpers came up automatically to who needed them. {I should have had them come up for me}And then... get this, we were introduced to our waitress... yes that's right we had a personal waitress to get us things.

She definitely earned her keep that night. Between her and the maintenance guy, they should have just pulled up a chair and hung out in our lane. Twice Tim tried to roll the ball and he didn't make it down all the way and just stopped mid-way down. Then Tommy rolled the ball down the lane when the pin sweeper was already down, and the ball hit that. I'm sure everyone cringed when the ball was dropped {multiple times} on the wood floor. And this is the best... it was Tommy's turn and some how.... {I have no idea how} got the ball on top of the bumper!! I mean really, how do you do that?

{here is our waitress getting the ball that is stuck on the bumper.... just incase you didn't believe that it could be done}

It was a really fun time and we found out something that I already knew... I suck and bowling.


Whitney said...

HEY! A 75 is quite respectable!! So I tell myself when I ever go bowling. . . the king is a bowling whiz, so I don't like to play with him because he triples me score. . .

Melissa said...

How fun! What a great trip with so many great memories.

Juls said...

We love to go bowling around here..fun times. :)
I'm also kind of (secretly) envious of moms of boys.... just wondering what life would be like with a little man running around... Not that I don't love my girls.
THanks for stoppin' by my blog...come back any old crazee time!

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