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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Here we go!!!

We are off on our trek. We are packed up, and loaded in. Our life is about to change drastically. I'm excited, but very nervous. I'm going to miss Sierra Vista. I'm going to miss my house, my great friends, and the familiar of the town. We have made so many memories and had so many experiences here. Tommy, and Tim learned to talk here. Tim learned to walk here. James went from a toddler to a boy. This is the longest place we've been at. In a way, I feel like I grew up here. I will miss it here.

Leaving is nothing new for us. It's what we do. We come, we conquer, we move on. One day I'll have my "white picket fence."

I have been many places... and I have to say by far nothing can beat the desert sunsets. This is what I will miss.

I'll see you all on the other side.


pebes2 said...

we miss you too. Let me know your address when you get there. Have a safe and fun journey!!!


Aaron said...

Good luck! If your headed through Little Rock, let us know. We'd love to see ya.

Whitney said...

Sheeshers! Best of luck moving!! Are you driving by yourself? And I agree, sunsets in the desert are stunning!

Bec said...

Good luck on the drive! I hope the boys don't drive you nuts days 2 and 3.

Durante said...

I really wish you the best. It's really hard to leave everything that's familiar and start over again. I think I've broken my wife by doing it again and again. I hope you love the new adventure.

heather hawthorne said...

Pssh, a big ol' picture of my face should be there instead xP jussss kiding!
I'm gonna miss you!! :( you're my favvie coach always (even though you weren't techinally my coach haha)
Heather h.

Aimee said...

good luck!

Aunt Spicy said...

best of luck! i am sure you will have a few hilarious commentaries as you adjust to florida an start this new chapter of your life!

scrappysue said...

i've just received your card and realised i've been to your blog before! have a wonderful trip and thanks!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Oh I missed you! I just got your card - loved it!! And there's one coming to you......I hope you forwarded your mail, lol!

Good luck!

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