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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Funnies

Tuesday it was really pretty outside so we went to the beach, and hearing that there was a dog friendly beach we took the dog with us. Now when we heard "dog beach" we thought of Monterey California. For those that remember that.... you can take your dog and it really is friendly. The dogs are running all over in and out of the water. The beach is one that you actually want to spend time at, oh it was great! So we had high hopes out here. Our hopes were dashed....We got to the "Dog Beach" and there were signs all over saying that "Dogs must be on a leash at all times" WHAT??? What kind of dog beach is that. Well we were the only ones there so we went sans leash. We got down to the water and it smelled like sewage. It was really gross. So after about 10 minutes.... just long enough for the dog to pee on everything, we left. The husband dropped the boys and I off at a beach they could actually play in, and then went home to drop the dog off.

The beach was great and we saw some funny/interesting things. First... a fin. Daytona and New Symrna beach is shark bite capitol of the US. So a fin is a big deal out here. Along with Natural Disaster, Sharks are another thing that I'm afraid of. So seeing a fin was really shocking.... I think we were ok, because I saw 'it' blow water, so I'm telling myself that it was a dolphin, and I would just appreciate everyone agreeing with me.

The other funny thing.... this...

There were some men that were net fishing. They would catch some fish and then drop it in the bucket... well I guess the crane thought he would help himself to what the fishermen were bringing in. It was really funny watching him walk really slowly up to the bucket then back, then up again until he was on top.

Our back yard {that we have been blessed with} is really big. Oh, like 80'x150' see, really big. Well I was watching a couple of little boys today. And in our HUGE back yard, the 5 little boys found the 5'x5' area that is dirt. In the whole big yard this is what they found. In Arizona the dirt around was red here it's black!

Apparently Tim is disgruntled... about what??? Who knows. But really, who can deny this face? So after a washing and a hug he was fine. {for the moment :) }

I love that the boys... ok, Tim and Tommy, will try all different vegetables... in different states. {James is getting better, but if he is not threaten with life and limb he probably would not eat any veggies.... hence the reason I hide them in just about everything we eat.}

Here is Tommy eating raw eggplant, this is from February...
And today here is Tim eating raw sweet potato...

What ever works I guess, I just think it's odd.

I love my boys... they keep me quite entertained, and on my toes...


Anonymous said...

Beach, although sounds gross, still sounds fun. And that you were able to go. It's 36 in my state right now. No beach for us!

Bec said...

What an awful dog beach- I'm so sorry it was horrible! I hope Captain wasn't too disappointed.

Joy said...

Stupid beach rules! Agh.

Love the looks on the faces of those adorable boys of yours. :o)

Thank you for stopping by my blog the other day when I was SITS featured blogger!

Melissa said...

sorry the dog beach didn't work out. How did you get your boys to eat raw vegetables? I think mine eat a total of 5 vegetables. I tried to cook eggplant one time and they all hated it. I am always looking for new ways to fix veggies so they will be more appealing, but it doesn't seem to be working.

KK said...

Cute blog, I love that the bird was stealing fish!

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