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Monday, September 28, 2009

Happenings at this house...

So it's time to play catch up. The work on my new layout is still happening, and if you don't see your name on my blog links, leave a comment so I can add you. {I lost a lot of links} Well... here we go.
The husbands new hobby.
The husband has a new hobby around here. Do you want to see??
If you can't tell what this is..... {let me know if you can tell, and I will be really impressed}

It's a reloader... for bullets... to shoot.

I guess what is going on is that you take the shells that you have already shot, clean them up, and then re fill them with powder.

The husband went out the next day to shoot a box of bullets that he made, and they worked, he was quite happy.

The Children's Museum

I took the boys to the children's museum that is here. This one is pretty good, it focuses alot on science, and the workings of different things. The cool thing is that there is a real museum, and planetarium that are with it so we can use all the facilities. The bad thing.... the Planetarium was flooded and is now closed until further notice. The good news, if we donate 1.5 million dollars to rebuild the Planetarium they will name it after us. The bad news.... we don't have that kind of money laying around.

Here are some of the funny pictures that I took while we were there.

These are for Grandma and Grandpa.... In the museum they have a Harley that is smaller for the kids to ride.
James is just chillin'
Tim doing biker tricks.

This is Tommy's serious biker face. {I think he is trying out for Hell's Angel's}

Outside there is a walking trail that takes you past a little pond... or so we thought.

No that is not mud, that is water.

And just in case you thought you wanted to go for a swim, you are cautioned against it.

We had fun throwning things in and just watching them plop into the muck.


pebes2 said...

ME! Don't forget about me!! (thepebleyfamily.blogspot.com)

Glad to hear that you are doing good. Enjoy the weather, we are supposed to start getting winter weather here on Wednesday. So not looking forward to that.

Has Steve started school yet? Traylor is turning 9 tomorrow. Can you believe it! They grow up fast.


Kara said...

Leah, be impressed. I knew that it was a re-loader. I used to reload bullets with my dad when I was little. Actually I only got to pull the handle down, but I helped.

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