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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ho, hum...

There is really nothing going on in my life... {soon that will change, but for now... nothing} I am watching SPIKE TV - Surving Disasters: Hijacked. It's actually pretty interesting... I have learned how to fly a plane.

The husband and I left to set up house in Florida. I'm really excited!! FINALLY!!! It's been great being here in North Carolina, but I'm so ready for my own bed... {with out the boys on the floor in my room} the trampoline, and just to my have my own stuff and mess in general.

So here is the story for those that don't know, I've kinda given in bits and pieces. The husband got home from Afghanistan in January. There were some problems going on overseas, and since he was a contractor he decided to come home.... so he did. He was able to get his job back on the base, where he was an interrogator instructor. {I will hire him out for any one that needs to interrogate a teenager} Before he came home he decided that he wanted to go back to school. But in what??? Good questions. All roads were were talked about.. Law School, Dental School, Optometry school, Auto Dealer... and then he finally settled on going to Chiropractic School.

There are a lot of chiropractic schools out there, so after looking and weighing the options we settled on Florida. In all our travels we haven't been in the East, so we thought "Why Not". So in August we packed up our house hold goods and started our new adventure. Trekking across the US.

***I interrupt this blog for my thoughts about the US***
*There is a whole lot of nothing in Texas!!
*Everything in Alabama smells and tastes like playdough.
*People in Louisiana are nice, and pleasant drivers.
*Florida needs to widen the roads.
*People, we do NOT have a need for population control... there is a lot of room in Texas.
*There are a lot of bridges in Louisiana! {I don't do bridges}
*Why do people in Florida think it's a good idea to have pythons and then let them go??? really?
*Did I mention that there is a lot of open space in Texas? Well there is.

Anyway, during a really bad storm {you know the whole "one dark and stormy night..." yeah that was what we entered into} we got to Florida. We put everything we own {minus the children... they stayed with us} into a storage unit.

We then found a place to live. I'm excited for our new house... the best thing... the big... no HUGE back yard. We have a trampoline {that I got for FREE on craigs list, I just had to throw that in}, and it's grass. AND we have a fruit tree... it might be orange it might be grapefruit... we'll find out soon.

Anyway, the wonderful house wasn't going to be ready until September. Because we didn't want to live in a hotel for 3.5 weeks. Call me crazy. So we drove up to North Carolina to where the husbands sister lives. Her house is really nice but it ends up being a little small for 9 people and 2 dogs... {ahhh it brings back memories of the small two bedroom apartment... oh the good old days huh Jen}

So here we are, getting ready to start our new life. We are going to be poor... really poor for 3 years, and then... and then, I get to be a doctor's wife {as my wonderful friend Em pointed out}.

Since I have a blog I will be able to take you all through our adventures of being students {again}with WAY to much experience.


Beth P. said...

What an adventure. I have always dreamed about picking up and moving somewhere completely different (for me, if it were my choice, I'd choose to go from NH to CO, but I am too much of a wimp. And my husband has a company of his own that he can't just forget about. And I'd miss my family.

Aaaannnyway... I loved reading your blog! Good luck in your new home!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You have definitely been on an adventure across the US. It was great reading your blog. A big backyard is a must with three rambunctious biys!!! Oh, I know too well! :) Best of luck with your new house and with your husbands schooling.

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