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Monday, September 21, 2009

Whats for dinner?

Tim is in that awful in between state of needing a nap but not really. You know, if he naps he's awake way after bed time {and thus torturing his brothers} but if he doesn't he'll fall asleep during dinner {and then he's awake bright and early at 3AM!!} This night we got the lucky 3 am waking.

What's in the bowl you ask.... it's our take on a Cafe Rio salad. Chicken with fajita seasoning, black beans, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese. Top it off with a little ranch dressing, and fried corn tortilla strips {which we did ourselves} It was so good!!!! To bad Tim missed it.

Here are some a couple funny things from James and Tommy...

Tommy bonked James' nose with his head. Tommy turned and looked at James and said "sorry James, I have a big head"

After dinner James put his plate in the sink and asked "Mom, can I sharpen the knives?"


Emily said...

Your boys are so dang funny.

And your comment about 'a Hatch boy' made me laugh and laugh.

You were right on.

Hope you are doing super!

Emily said...

That's usually how I feel around dinner time too!

~ Dawn ~ said...

Awww...poor lil man...so so tired! My son is like that too, he gets home from school and always falls asleep. Your boys are too cute!

Lani said...

Dear God,
Please let my kids need naps until they are 18. Thanks,
:) your boys look adorable!stopping by from sits:)

Shannon said...

Oh, I have been disillusioned to believe our sleeping situation might actually get better some day! WAH!!!!

Mary said...

Stopping over from SITS roll call to visit!

Awww how sweet! I don't know why kids fight that need to nap, because, ya know... I think naps are totally UNDERrated! Everybody in this country could use a nap, seriously! It's amazing how refreshing it is, even as an adult and we'd probably be in much better moods and much kinder to one another if we all napped!! We should have a national siesta time - like companies should have to give people a set time and place specifically for napping!!

BTW, that salad sounds yummy.

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