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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nature in Florida

We are encountering all sorts of nature here in Florida... in all sorts. First off we have the man eating caterpillar.At first glance these things look pretty harmless, and dare I say it....cute and cuddly. But Tim found out the hard way that we should leave nature alone. The dang thing stung Tim's hand!!! It made his hand burn and turn red. It was a little puffy,and all Tim could say was that his hand hurt.

It's cool that we have real life science right out our door, but if you ask Tim he'll tell you that caterpillar hurt and that he won't touch them any more.

The other really cool thing that we have...

...An orange tree!!! And it's FULL with oranges!! I'm so excited for them to ripen.

I can almost taste the orange juice!


Beth P. said...

Wow! Look at those beautiful oranges! I hope they taste as pretty as they look when you get to pick them!

Amy said...

That's the craziest looking caterpiller I've ever seen...Mmmm oranges, I wonder if they're sweet?

Eliza said...

That thing is huge. I would never think that any insect looked cute and cuddly. I miss you guys!

Jen said...

Another reason why Florida is the coolest. Fresh oranges off the tree at Christmas time. Only at our house it was tangelos and honey mercots.

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